Stocking Up for the Holidays!

It's officially twelve weeks until Christmas.. really it is.  If you've been inside Costco lately you can hardly squeeze past the wrapping paper, wreaths, and ornaments just to get to the checkout!  Along with festive decor as far as the eye can see, one is also faced with towering boxes of chocolates, cookies, and bags of sugar the size of a small child.  

The goal of retailers keeping tempting treats smack in the middle of the store?  Getting you to sabotage your diet plans well in advance. Don't stress because during this Christmas countdown, i'm going to share tips for a healthy happy holiday. The best place to start is to stock a healthy kitchen, so lets get to it!

To prepare your home for a baking spree, balance fun, and indulgent ingredients with healthy alternatives. What I mean is, buy your favorite cookie ingredients, but swap out processed flour for whole wheat, and refined sugar for coconut sugar or maple syrup.  Experiment using natural sugars such as dates, or stevia if you prefer.

Instead of greasing baking trays with butter, and oil, keep parchment paper or silicone baking liners on hand for effortless nonstick baking. The added bonus of parchment is that it makes cleanup a breeze!  

Nothing is better than curling up with a Hallmark Christmas flick and a cozy snack. Stock up on healthy munchies like raw nuts,  air popped popcorn, granola, or dried fruit for a healthier option to potato chips and candy.

I'm not saying to forego decadence, because after all it IS the holiday season. It's about keeping better options on hand to satisfy cravings without the guilt, so if you can't resist buying a box of chocolates, don't beat yourself up about it and have them as a special occasion treat.

~Adriane Rosenberg