Helpful Home Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Fall is here. This means your home is going through yet another change in temperature and weather conditions. Your home goes through so many changes; you really need to conduct seasonal maintenance every season. If you have not prepared your home for this fall, here are some helpful home maintenance tips to get you, hassle-free, through to winter.

Check the Gutters and Downpipes for Debris

The roof is something we often overlook when considering the changes a home goes through every season. If you don’t want your gutters to overflow and your downpipes to get clogged, you need to check them for debris and clear them. You will be amazed at the leaves and debris you find in them! Check the downpipes for any damage too. Run a check on any opening, such as skylights and the flashing around your chimneys. You can avoid wet floors and accidental falls that result from this.

Check your Garden

You’re headed for some slippery weather, come winter. So, to avoid this, check your walkways for any cracks and loose paving stones. Fix them before snow covers your entryways. You really don’t want to slip and injure yourself, and you will if you don’t get them fixed.

Get the Fireplace Ready

If you have a fireplace, in your home, get it ready for the cold days. Make sure the damper is open for proper air circulation and get rid of old ashes. Check the operation of the flue. If you are unable to do this, a chimney sweep will be able to help you out.

Check Windows and Doors

Ensure to seal and caulking around windows and doors are in good condition. If not, your heating will just escape through these gaps and your heating bill will be huge. You can also consider hanging heavier drapes to block air infiltration.

Store Summer Outdoor Furniture

Yes, it’s time to put these away. Clean any outdoor furniture, and once dry, store them in dry areas. If you store your summer outdoor furniture properly, you will be able to reuse them next summer.

Take Care of the Lawn

Your lawn needs care, just like your home. Check your irrigation system and consider getting a professional to do so. Fertilize your lawn to avoid any winter damage and spring weeds.

Consider these home maintenance tips this fall and you will be glad you did so.

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