A Few Mysterious Pains that Should NOT be Ignored

Aches and pains are an expected part of life. It does get worse with the aging process. There are some pains that you can identify and correct with a few pain medications. However, there are others, which linger and disappear after some time. These pains should never be ignored. These pains could be the root of some underlying, more serious, problem.

  • Jaw Pain – Pain in the jaws is usually attributed to clenching your teeth while concentrating on a task. However, did you know, jaw pain is also an indication of a heart attack? Jaw pain can also tell you if you have got a heart attack. Pain during a heart attack is not centered only on the heart, it can occur in your arm, abdomen, shoulder and jaw, and throat. So, seek medical attention right away if having any pain from these parts of your body.

  • Lower Back Pain – Persistent lower back pain should not be ignored as this could be an indication of kidney trouble. Pain can be because of the formation of a kidney stone or infection or tumor. Seek medical advice if you suffer from lower back pain. Ignoring it will only aggravate the situation.

  • Abdominal Pain – Severe abdominal discomfort or pain may be related to any problems with your organs. Severe pain on the right side can mean an inflamed appendix. Upper right pain can mean gall bladder problems or pancreatic inflammation. An intestinal blockage also can cause severe pain in the abdomen.

  • Calf Pain – Pain in the calf, not associated with any injuries, can indicate deep vein thrombosis. The pain may be occurring due to the presence of a blood clot which can interrupt blood flow and cause an embolism. The embolism can block an artery and cause stroke. Medical advice is necessary and will prevent potentially deadly repercussions.

  • Persistent Joint Pain – The most common source of joint pain is due to osteoarthritis. However, this is not the only source. Stiff and swollen joints along with hair loss and fever may be indicative of lupus. It can also be hepatitis or a more serious form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. Infectious diseases, such as chickenpox and measles also cause joint pain.

There are many more reasons for various mysterious pains. Whatever it may be, sometimes, timely medical attention can help limit the damage to the body.

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