7 Steps to Downsizing Successfully

Many of us consider downsizing only once we come to retirement age. Then, there are some of us who plan to do it but never get around to it. Then, of course, there are those who actually do it, and are extremely glad they did so. This article is for those who still have not got around to it.

  1. Start Now – Downsizing takes time. If you don’t do it soon, you will find out it is more difficult than you thought, and you will be stressed and will not be able to do a good job of it. So, begin now and take that extra time to work it through.

  2. What is your Target? – Certain things in your present home may not fit into your new one. So, figure out the size of your new home and the things it can accommodate. This can be helpful so you know just what should go out and what should stay in.

  3. Set a Time and Date – If you don’t do this, you will never get rid of the things you don’t need. Set a timetable and date. Get rid of your extremely large and uncomfortable sofa by when? Clear all the stuff in the basement by when? These are the things you should include in your timetable.

  4. Things of Sentimental Value – We all accumulate things that we have great difficulty parting with. Write a list of these items. Check it again and see if certain things are really necessary. Sometimes, your essential items are just not so essential.

  5. Suitability – Things that suited your New England home will not suit your Florida apartment. So, consider this before you move your large furniture and cramp your apartment. It can be fun selling all your stuff and buying new ones to suit your new environment. If you have the means, try it.

  6. What Goes out – It can be difficult getting rid of certain things. But, if you have not looked at it or thought about it for the past two or three years, then you don’t need it!

  7. Selling for Top Dollar – You have to face it. That sofa, although was expensive when you bought it, is just not now. So, be realistic about the value of your furniture. If you can’t sell it, it probably is priced too high. Consider simply giving it away.

Downsizing is a good idea especially if relocating after retirement. There are plenty of things you can do and carry around oversized baggage will just put a damper on your retirement plans.

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