Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar

Anyone who's spent time perusing social media photos on Instagram or Facebook, knows what I mean by saying it's a green smoothie, and juicing jungle out there.   Either one is a great way to pack several servings of fruits, and vegetables into a single glass.  It can be difficult to eat the nine plus servings the FDA suggests we consume in a day, so being able to drink your nutrients is convenient, and delicious!

Which is more beneficial? The difference between juicing, and making a smoothie is the fiber factor. Smoothies contain the whole fruit or vegetable with the fiber intact, where juicing extracts the essential phytonutrients, but the fiber containing pulp is discarded. Juices also release vitamins, and minerals into the bloodstream more quickly with minimal digestion, making them perfect as a quick energy boost.

Smoothies unlike juice can be an easy meal replacement with the addition of quality protein powders, hemp or chia seeds, and even avocado. Juice on the other had doesn't have the same staying power, and is best as a snack or first thing in the morning to rehydrate the body.  Both make the perfect post workout drink to refuel muscles.

When you're juicing, it's best to watch sugar content by incorporating more veggie than fruit servings. I like sweeter juices myself, and find combining carrots, greens, and an apple to be the perfect balance.  If you're a smoothie lover, use added sweeteners sparingly, and limit using fruit juice as the liquid as this can raise the sugar content as well. Homemade is the way to go, I cringe when I think about fast food restaurants serving a "healthy" smoothie.

Whether you're a juicer, or blender devotee, start creating your own recipes, and snap some photos of your own!

~Adriane Rosenberg