Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar or ACV goes way beyond salad dressing. It's an all purpose elixir that lends its health benefits inside and out from an effective hair rinse to banishing indigestion.  The type of vinegar i'm referring to, is the raw unfiltered variety that has that strange looking sediment at the bottom called the "mother".  This floating anomaly  is actually a natural chain of protein enzyme molecules giving the vinegar it's highly regarded nutritional properties.

As a beauty tonic, apple cider vinegar can be used on your hair after shampooing for extra shine.  Dilute about 2 tbsp in a glass of water and rinse thoroughly afterwards.  The vinegar smell will neutralize for those worried about smelling like a pickle jar!

Feeling the burn after a big meal? Adding acid to a sour stomach sounds like an oxymoron, but often it's the lack of stomach acid that causes issues like bloating, and indigestion.  Taking a tablespoon of cider vinegar mixed with honey in a glass of water can help provide heartburn relief.  The sweetener is optional, but tames the acidity to make it more palatable.

Forget the Listerine for bad breath.  Rinsing your mouth with diluted vinegar is an effective way to kill odor causing bacteria that can lead to gum disease.  It's important to dilute to prevent acid erosion than can damage tooth enamel.

The acetic acid in vinegar helps to break down the calcium in vegetables, particularly leafy greens. For an added bonus, it also contains magnesium which further aids calcium absorption.  Take a mild solution of ACV mixed with water before meals to get the most out your foods.

Choose a good organic brand such as Bragg's for maximum benefit, and be sure to check with your doctor before trying this remedy if you have any preexisting health conditions.

~Adriane Rosenberg