Understanding Assisted Living Care

Many seniors live in assisted living facilities. These well-equipped facilities provide them the assistance needed to ensure long and comfortable lives, while also enabling them to maintain their independence. When you decide to move into such a facility, you may wish to know how it works. Well, read on to find out.

Assisted Living Home vs. Nursing Homes

Assisted living homes are not the same as nursing homes. They do not provide you full-time nursing care. Instead, assisted living homes to help you with dressing, bathing, using the bathroom and eating, etc. Some assisted living facilities are part of senior living communities. You may also find assisted living facilities in proximity to nursing homes. Although less expensive than nursing care, assisted living is costly. Health care and insurance cover the majority of the costs.

Assisted Living Services

You may be anxious about the type of care provided by the assisted living services. Every home is different depending on the care and terms and conditions. However, below are some of the general arrangements.

  • Most assisted living care facilities provide laundry services. These include washing and changing of bedding and clothing and ironing.

  • Some assisted living homes include small kitchenettes so that you can prepare your meals. However, most places provide cooked meals which are served in common areas.

  • You may be assisted with dressing and undressing if it is a difficult task.

  • Although perfectly capable of feeding yourself, you may lack the ability to get in and out of the bathtub or may need assistance with bathing. Assisted living care facilities provide this help.

  • You may be assisted with taking your medication on time.

  • You are assured of entertainment and social gatherings and other stimulating activities as most assisted living facilities have an events coordinator.

What to Look for When Choosing Assisted Living Services

Don’t walk into it blind. When you visit look around you and assess the residents. Do they look happy? Is the place clean and well-designed? Are pets allowed? Also, consider transportation and common areas. What personal belongings can you bring with you?

It may not be easy choosing the right assisted living facility. However, it will move along at a smooth pace if you consider these factors.

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