5 Myths About Aging and Health

The aging process is inevitable. Many people dread this, and this is due to many myths and stereotypes that have been around for generations. These myths also negatively affect how we look at the older generation. Here are five common myths about aging and health you really ought to forget about.

  1. Changing your Lifestyle now has Absolutely no Effect – Many baby boomers believe if they did not look after themselves when they were younger, looking after themselves now does not serve any purpose, health-wise. This is so not true! Even if you didn’t look after your body with exercise and a proper diet when you were younger, doing so now has many health benefits. A healthy lifestyle lowers your mortality rate and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and pain related to arthritis.

  2. Mental Decline is Inevitable – Many people believe mental decline comes with age. Unless you have a degenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, you will not have any problems with senility. 1 in 8 people over 65 are affected with Alzheimer’s.

  3. You Will Lose Body Function Control – Incontinence, a common problem with older adults, is not due to the aging process. It is quite often a symptom of an underlying disease. Many seniors attribute incontinence to the aging process and do not seek treatment. Incontinence is treatable. Put away those adult diapers and seek medical advice.

  4. Inability to take Care of Yourself – A nursing home is still not in the cards for you. You can live an independent life and enjoy every bit of your aging process for a good number of years. So, stop thinking you will have to be dependent totally on others and looking for nursing homes. Even if you do need help later in life, there are a number of assisted living facilities that will provide you the care you need.

  5. Your Sex Drive Will Disappear – Bummer! So not true. Although reduced levels of testosterone, the sex hormone, are a part of the aging process, most seniors produce adequate amounts of this hormone to maintain a healthy sex life. Sometimes, it may be better than before.

Did you ever believe in any of these myths? Well, it’s time to stop now. Although aging is inevitable, life does not have to stop because of it. So enjoy your advanced years to the maximum.

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