Dive Into This Total Body Workout

Ever notice that swimming pools seem to always be on the menu of community amenities? You’ll find resort style pools with cabanas, Olympic-style pools, and heated indoor versions all designed to relax, refresh, and give you a great workout! Active adults will be glad to know there’s no need to hit the ground running to build muscle, burn calories, and squeeze in the recommended 150 minutes of weekly cardio activity. Swimming not only gets the heart pumping but also provides older adults a joint friendly, low-impact way to lose weight.

According to Active.com, 30 minutes of consistent swimming equates to 45 minutes of regular exercise with water resistance providing an additional challenge. Orthopedic physicians routinely prescribe aquatic therapy for everything from back pain to joint injuries touting the protective benefits that water has on joint mobility. At Texas Orthopedic Hospital, pool therapy is noted to reduce swelling, help with balance, and improve strength, and flexibility. 55+ communities have caught onto the healing benefits of water exercise with many offering on-site classes designed to help active adults of all fitness levels feel energized, and move with more freedom. Kings Point Suncoast Communities in Florida provide residents with invigorating water workout classes geared towards improving range of motion both gently, and effectively.

For a more restorative approach to moving the body, swimming is also a wonderful way to decompress and slow down. Most of us have fond childhood memories of spending sun up to sun down in the pool, and sleeping like babies afterward. Water can have the same effect on adults and has been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep. Swimming has also been shown to boost self-esteem, and cognition in dementia patients according to the U.K based Amateur Swimming Association’s Dementia Friendly Swimming Project.

Whether it’s diving into the deep end for an energizing workout or relaxing poolside with friends, there’s no denying the health benefit of getting in the water. It’s accessible to anyone and can be enjoyed year round thanks to indoor community pools, and local fitness centers.