4 Ways To Reinvent Your Retirement

Somebody had the notion that once you retired, life was suddenly all about bridge games, and recliners - well, up and until they realized that today’s baby boomers have much more on their agendas than watching Jeopardy reruns. Most would agree this next chapter in life has a tendency to spark creativity, and inspire spontaneity which is why it’s the perfect time to step out and create a list of “push your limit” goals. They always say there’s no better time than the present, and these life-changing ideas will definitely challenge your comfort zone.

Try an Extreme Sport If you thought thrill-seeking was just for kids think again. Challenging yourself physically is a serious endorphin rush especially if It’s something you’ve had on your bucket list. From skydiving, and bungee jumping to getting on a surfboard or rock climbing, the list of “extreme” sports is virtually limitless. Visit any ski resort or the NASCAR starting line, and you’ll notice a surge of 55 or better participants who are proving that active adults crave a taste of adventure over leisure.

Travel Overseas Nothing can replace the experience of getting out of your routine, and put a stamp in your passport. Foreign travel has proven health benefits of sharpening the mind, nurturing the soul, and gets us physically involved in ways we can’t do at home. After a cultural immersion of diverse flavors, adapting to how others live and exploring the new scenery, many find they come back with a heightened sense of awareness and a renewed perspective on life.

Go Back To Class Whether you’re pursuing an advanced degree or wanting to brush up on your French, it’s never too late to sharpen your pencil, and revisit academia. For a relaxed approach to an encore education, The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a program specifically designed for 50+ active adults and is offered by several universities across the country. These age targeted classes give students the chance to flex their intellectual muscles in an engaging, pressure-free environment.

Volunteer Nothing inspires gratitude more than giving back. Are you someone who loves working with children, animals or have the talent to share? From schools, and hospitals, to humane societies, there is always a need for volunteers. Interacting with your local community is a fulfilling way to meet new people, stay busy, and enhances the lives of those you serve as well as your own.