Finding a Retirement Community

Retirement communities offer a wealth of amenities from affordable housing to state of the art healthcare.  They offer an all in one approach to fine dining, fitness, and endless recreational activities. It's important for seniors to do their homework to decide which type of community will best fit their lifestyle, and financial situation.  

With locations nationwide, retirees can choose anywhere from the Arizona desert, to the Florida coast.  Most people prefer to be close to loved ones which is something to consider when shopping for a community.

Compare membership fees such as association dues, and research any restrictions.  Some retirement communities have very strict rules when it comes to keeping pets, installing alarm systems, or making cosmetic changes to the home.  

Keep options open by requesting a brochure from a few different places to compare amenities.  It's a good idea for people to visit each one to decide if it meets their needs.  Does it offer affordable home maintenance or have an on site physical therapist?  Asking existing residents about their experience can help make a better informed decision.  They can offer unbiased opinions on how well the facilities have worked for them, and anything that may be of concern.

Research the financial stats such as foreclosure history, or any liens. Speak with the county clerk office, or contact an attorney to get information before making the decision to invest.  Moving to a retirement community is a major life change, and no one wants to find out they've chosen one that is on a financial decline.

Longevity, and good health should be the cornerstone of any reputable facility.  Take your time, and keep a list of questions, and concerns.  It can be useful to have a friend or family member help you find that perfect community to call home.  Or find your home on our site

Adriane Rosenberg