Cycling or Walking - Which one is Better for the Active Adult?

The value of an active lifestyle cannot be underestimated especially with the onset of aging. An active life inclusive of regular exercise keeps your energy levels high, enables you to be independent and also prevents the onset of aches and pains. Many over 55 active adults either go for a brisk walk or bike a few days a week. But, do you know which form of exercise is the most beneficial for you?

Benefits of Walking

Many of us tend to walk more than a cycle. Walking is considered the best form of exercise for us as it is a low impact exercise. We can burn quite a number of calories with a brisk walk and keep our hearts pumping and joints healthy in the process. Many active adult communities, such as Del Webb Wilmington at Riverlights in Wilmington, NC, and Trilogy® Orlando by Shea Homes in Groveland, FL feature walking trails to ensure you get the exercise you need to stay healthy. These walking trails are paved and provide scenic views of nature and make the chore of exercise a pleasure.

Benefits of Cycling

Granted, the calories you burn, when cycling, are more than walking. The more intense your ride the more calories you burn. This too keeps the heart pumping which makes the cardiovascular system healthy. Cycling is enjoyed by many as it gets you from A to B as it can be used as a means of transportation. As cycling is also low in impact, it is easy and safe on your joints and helps you get into shape without a problem. Word of caution; always wear proper protective gear when riding your bicycle. Many 55+ communities, such as, Cresswind at PGA Village Verano in Port Saint Lucie, FL and Heather Gardens in Aurora, Colorado feature miles and miles of biking trails that meander through the active adult community enabling you wonderful views and safe biking.

There is no argument that both these methods of exercise are beneficial. It does not matter whether you walk or ride a bike or how many calories you burn. An active life, irrespective of the method, is beneficial than living a sedentary life.

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