Helpful Information when Choosing your New Home Builder

If you are shopping around for a new home builder, you should do so as carefully as possible. Whether you are buying a condo or townhouse or custom-built home, you need a home high in quality built by a reputed builder. This is especially so for those looking to make their retirement home choices. Finding builders for your new 55+ retirement home can be extremely challenging. This is because there are many builders who will do a shoddy job and leave you with an inferior quality home. Your choice and selection will make a significant impact on your life, and your retirement funds should not be invested in such badly built homes. Below are five mistakes people make when choosing new home builders and a bit of advice on how you can avoid such mistakes.

Failure to Research the Builder of Your Choice

This is the worst mistake you can make. Never put off researching your builder for later. Although it may take some time, it will be worth it in the long run. When choosing a builder, you should consider the building company’s business bureau rating, customer testimonials and customer service follow-up plans, etc. You should select your builder only if these factors meet with your approval.

Failure to Question the Builders on the Materials used for Building the Home

Most new homeowners end up with a poor quality home because they chose the cheapest builder. You should know that builders do not quote low prices for your home because they can get massive discounts on materials, but because they use low-quality materials. Always question your builder on the materials used for building and research on these materials. Always ask for clarification if you are in doubt. Honest builders are ever-ready to answer your questions.

Failure to Ask about Code Requirements and Standards

Building codes vary according to each municipality. These building codes are enforced by local building inspectors. You should always ask about these requirements and standards as some builders build homes that meet these requirements as minimally as possible. For example, ask your builder about the energy efficiency rating on the HVAC system. The higher the rating on the HVAC, the lower your energy bills. Ask about the structural rating on the floor system as this ensures a long-lasting and comfortable home. Always consider a builder who goes far and beyond the minimum standards as this affects how your home is built and your lifestyle.

Failure to Think about Anything Other than the Price

The price of a home depends on the location, community, and size of the home. However, most often, homes priced low are not of the best value. Do you wish to spend your retirement years in a home doing maintenance and fixing things up which will cost thousands of dollars? Always go for a home that meets with all your requirements to ensure a comfortable life and never compromise on this factor for anything.

Failure to Select a Likeable and Trustworthy Builder

Your relationship with your builder is important. You will be spending vast amounts of time with your builder and this means you have to like your builder in order to spend time discussing your new home with him. Furthermore, as you are investing a significant amount of money in your new home, you need to be able to trust your builder to do a good job. If you have met a builder who you like and trust, consider this builder for your new home. Never choose a builder because he quoted the lowest price for your home.


Choosing a new home builder will be easier, now that you know the main mistakes you should avoid when doing so. Consider these factors carefully and make sure you do not fall into any traps that ensure a low-quality home that you will regret living in. If you are considering a senior home, purchasing a one from an active adult community built by a reputed builder will be the best choice. Some of the best communities in the USA, built by top builders, are featured in web site which provides comprehensive information on each community. You too can find a fantastic 55+ community built by award-winning builders, by browsing through over 8,500 listings in our site.