Five Tips for a Healthy Flight

Crowded airports, security checkpoints, cramped plane cabin, you know the drill.  For health conscious people this is a recipe for stress, and yes, germs. While a potentially mundane flight is inevitable, a few steps can be taken to be sure you arrive at your destination unscathed.

1.  Hydrate!  Changes in altitude combined with salty plane snacks will leave you feeling sluggish, and tired. Avoid sugary beverages, alcohol and caffeine as these will only cause you to become more dehydrated. While in the airport, bottled water can be purchased once you've gone past security or during your flight.

2.  Get plenty of rest, trying to aim for at least 7-8 hours the night before. Travel stress, and exhaustion weakens the immune system leaving you vulnerable to illness.  During an extended flight, make an effort to sleep on the plane so you can be as clear headed as possible once you arrive.

3.  Bring healthy food on board.  As long as it's not a liquid or paste, airlines will allow you to bring your own meals and snacks. Pack items such as power bars, dried fruit and nuts, or a hearty grain/veggie salad. Plane, and airport food can be high in sodium, and sugar leaving you feeling bloated, and miserable.  Try to stick with your normal eating routine as much as possible to prevent digestive woes.

4.  Get up and move about.  When the pilot turns off that seatbelt sign, take the opportunity  to stand up and stretch your legs. If space permits, walk up and down the aisle for a few moments to keep blood circulating. 

5.  Wash your hands as often as you can, and pack some disinfectant wipes to wipe down tray tables and handles.  Most airlines allow three ounce fluids, so bringing a travel size liquid sanitizer is a great idea if running water isn't available.

~Adriane Rosenberg