Ageless and Fit

Exercise gets the blood pumping, and can ward off everything from obesity to a cardiovascular event.  For people over 65 who feel they lack the physical capacity for fitness there's good news! There's no need to go crazy at the gym or participate in lengthy routines because it only takes light to moderate movement to reap major benefits.  Most research suggests 150 minutes per week as adequate to maintain optimum condition.  

Walking is fantastic for anyone.  Just 2-3 days a week keeps joints moving which is especially beneficial for arthritis sufferers.  Anyone who has undergone surgery should stay as active as possible to prevent conditions such as arthrofibrosis or stiffening of the joint which may require a trip back to the operating room. Nobody wants that!

Tai Chi, and yoga are low impact, and focus on balance and strength. Balance is especially important for seniors to reduce the risk of falls, and resulting injuries.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, simple exercises like heel toe walking or walking backwards can help improve coordination, and motor function.  

Many folks fall off the wagon if they start dreading their exercise routine. Hobbies like gardening or dancing make fitness fun without feeling committed to a workout.  Finding something enjoyable is important to make exercise a habit. Breaking activities into 20 or 30 minute increments is a good idea to make them feel less burdensome.  Every little bit helps!

Wheelchair or bed bound individuals can still benefit from exercises such stretching or light weight training.  Regardless of the physical ailment, there is an activity for everyone. There is no such thing as being too old to stop moving! Seniors can take charge of their health, and delay the onset of highly preventable conditions by making time for fitness each day.

Adriane Rosenberg