Must have kitchen tools!

If you've ever spent time watching the home shopping network, or perusing a kitchenware store, you know that there's a gadget for everything!  There are slicers for every vegetable or fruit imaginable, a dozen or more different timers, and spiralizers to turn zucchini into noodles. I've been collecting so many of these novelty items over the years, yet find myself relying on the same five items while the others sit in a drawer. Why did I need three different citrus juicers? For the savvy home cook, I wanted to share my go to kitchen tools that I think are essential to anyone's repertoire.  

Invest in a good chef's knife.  A quality blade will last you for years to come.  Choose cutlery made from high carbon stainless steel, and look for it to run down the length of the handle to ensure sturdiness.  Brands such as Wüsthof, and Henkel are some of the most reputable out there, and require little more than occasional sharpening, and careful storage.

A good food processor is truly a tool for all seasons.  It's wonderful for everything from chopping vegetables to creating the perfect pesto.  Most come with slicer, and shredding blades to make prep work a breeze!

A heavy cast iron dutch oven is the absolute best for stews, roasts, baked beans or deep frying.  Because it's heatproof, you can put it in the oven and forget about it while it does the work for you.   

A selection of shallow baking sheets are necessary for cookies, roasting or used under baked goods to catch spills.

My number one MUST HAVE is a high speed blender.  These powerful machines pay for themselves allowing you to create homemade flours, dressings, and soups in mere seconds. Experience the creamiest breakfast smoothies, and even make your own ice cream!

Adriane Rosenberg