7 Upgrades Seniors Need in a Retirement Home

As boomers of retirement age, you and I both are looking for a home that we can comfortably ensconce ourselves and spend our golden years. When it comes to home styles and choices, we have a variety to choose from. However, very few homes include some specific features that many of us wish were included in our homes. As a new homeowner, let me tell you the 7 upgrades I wish I had asked my builder to consider in my new home.

Additional Storage Space, Walk-in Closets and Built-ins

This is a must-have for any home. I, for one, am regretting not getting my walk-in closet, what with all my clothes and shoes hanging out of my cupboard. Homeowners are not willing to pay more money for storage space. But, with a little bit of planning, you may be able to find smarter spaces to aid in home organization.

Outdoor Living Area

Every homeowner should consider small spaces that provide outdoor living spaces that are connected to the home itself. This small space is ideal when I have small gatherings of friends and family. Wish I had considered this one in my home….

An Additional Bedroom with Private Bath

This is something I really should have thought about when buying my home. This would have made an ideal guest retreat or provided a room for my young daughter when she comes home from college instead of crashing on the sofa.

Home Office or Den

What is a home without one of these, right? In this day and age, we need room to plug in the computer and do our own thing. If you need your own space to work in or to simply get away from the confusion of the rest of the home, a home office or den is a must.

An Everyday Eating Area

The dining room has now been delegated to special occasions. The “in” thing now, is the little area in proximity to the kitchen where the family can sit and chat while doing other things. This is a sort of extended kitchen/family room area.

Upgraded Bathrooms

Seniors are saying goodbye to kitchen upgrades and concentrating more on bathroom upgrades. They want spa-like facilities, modern designs and up-market fittings in their bathrooms. Thanks to my fast-thinking, I have my upgraded bathroom. Do you?

Separate Laundry Room

Gone are the days when the laundry room was relegated to a special place in the basement. More and more boomers are integrating the laundry room to other spaces in their homes which allow for multitasking. This does not have to be a huge space, a moderate space will suffice.

I think it does not matter whether you are moving to a special 55 + retirement community or any other home. If you have these 7 upgrades, you will find your home more appealing and comfortable. Most homes in active adult communities feature most if not all these upgrades. If you have not considered these upgrades, it is time to do so now, before you move in. Visit our webpage ActiveAdultLiving.com® and find out about the upgrades available to you in your selected community. We bring you the best of Active Adult Living on the planet!