Walking and Jogging Keeps Active Adults Fit

It is common knowledge that exercise keeps you healthy.  Exercise is required for proper blood circulation, controlling your weight, combating heart disease, improving your mood, and the best news - it delays aging.  Engaging in at least half an hour of physical activity every day can be extremely beneficial. What generally happens, in reality, is that even if you have paid attention to keeping fit during your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s - when you reach age 55+, most people tend to let go of a fitness regime.  However, it is especially important for seniors to stay fit and healthy with proper exercise. This does not mean you have to jump around and exert yourself excessively.  It means that half an hour of moderate exercise such as walking or jogging will suffice to give you health benefits.  Furthermore you, as a person over the age of 55, should be careful about your joints.  Therefore, it is highly beneficial for you to consider walking and light jogging instead of any other high impact exercises.

Do’s and Don’ts of Walking and Jogging

If you wish to be an active adult, in excellent condition, you should consider a few factors when beginning walking and jogging.

  • Invest in a good pair of shoes.  Many people do not know that wearing the wrong shoes will cause long-term problems.  Wearing the wrong shoes will cause heel pain, knee pain, arch pain, back pain, etc.  You do not want this aggravation now.

  • Always warm up before beginning any exercise regimen.  Warming up prepares your body for the exercise and prevents injury and aches and pains that go with exercise.  It is also important to cool down with few simple stretching exercises at the end of your walking.

  • Drink plenty of water.  Water is necessary to prevent dehydration.  Your muscles don’t work as well as they should when you are dehydrated.  Furthermore, dehydration can cause low blood pressure.

  • Avoid running on asphalt.  If you are a jogger, you should not run on a hard surface; this is asking for trouble.  Running on hard surfaces can cause injuries that may have long-term consequences.  Therefore, try and avoid hard surfaces as much as possible.

  • Always wear proper clothing.  Proper exercise clothing is necessary for comfort and safety.  Always choose the most suitable clothes for exercise, whether you are walking or running.  If you are a nightwalker or jogger, wear some reflective clothing that illuminates your shape.

Best Place for Walking or Jogging

It can be dangerous if you do not know where you should walk or run.  For example, urban roads can be extremely dangerous for exercise.  However, if you are an adult living in a retirement community, you will find many places safe for running or jogging.  Most communities are fully equipped with all the facilities that active adults need to stay fit and trim. These communities provide community residents with a variety of healthful opportunities such as a fitness center, tennis courts, swimming pools and walking or jogging tracks. Some of these communities are gated and provide you peace of mind to walk or jog to your heart’s content.  If you are an active adult who takes care of your health, or you are an empty nester and need a change, you can consider a move to a community where you can exercise, have fun and enjoy your newfound independence.

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