Take Charge of Your Anxiety

You find yourself tossing and turning worrying about finances, a health crisis, or what the future holds.  More often than not the situations that are causing us to feel anxious are beyond our control yet we still find ourselves losing sleep trying to find a solution.  Anxiety only effects your mind right? No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, the effect of mental stress on the body can override any amount of green juice or gym workout. Anxiety, and panic creates a "fight or flight" response.  It's our built in survival mechanism that releases adrenaline to help us cope.  We all go through periods of stress from time to time, but repeated bouts can eventually lower immunity, and increase the risk of a cardiovascular event. If you're someone who suffers from panic attacks or your worrying feels beyond your control, check with your doctor to see if pharmaceutical treatment or an herbal alternative might be helpful.  Homeopathic options such as 5-HTP (a naturally occurring amino acid), or essential oils such as geranium and lavender have been shown to reduce anxiety, and improve mood.Don't feel like you have to go it alone.  Employ a trusted friend or relative and share your troubles to gain some insight.  Sometimes it's just verbalizing your thoughts that can help relieve the mental burden.  Counselors and therapists can also offer tools to help you take charge of life's challenges. I find journaling to be a great way to express your thoughts. If you happen to be awake at midnight, try jotting down your concerns or to-do list, and know you'll get to it in the morning. Keeping a written inventory of tasks and crossing them out one by one can help put you back in the drivers seat, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Adriane Rosenberg