Taking time out for you!

Whether it's volunteer work, or making time for family and friends, serving others can boost self esteem, and help us lead more fulfilling lives. In turn it's equally important to be there for ourselves and take time each day to pause, and reflect because really how can we give others our all if we're running on empty? Making yourself a priority amidst a busy schedule is the best way to get back to business feeling refreshed.

Brew a soothing cup of tea or coffee, and sip slowly being mindful of the mingling flavors and how it makes you feel. Visit your favorite coffee house, or find a quiet spot at home to savor some much needed alone time.Going for a walk combines heart healthy cardio, with the mind renewing power of being outdoors.  Office workers have reported feeling more energized when they took a break to get some exercise.  If you work outside the home keep a pair of walking shoes at your desk or in the car for an impromptu stroll.Shut off your phone, and embrace your inner bookworm. There's something about the tangibility of turning pages that can't be matched with a digital version.  Curl up in a cozy chair or find a park bench, and allow yourself to get lost in a story. Meditate and breathe.  Be aware of your breathing and take a few cleansing breaths inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. It sounds cliche, but close your eyes and take yourself to a "happy place."  Reminiscing about a time where you felt at peace can significantly reduce stress, and increase serotonin levels."You time" isn't a luxury but a necessity. Spending as little as fifteen minutes each day to renew can transform your physical and mental health!

~Adriane Rosenberg