Where San Jose Goes For a Digital Detox

San Jose California is the original Silicon Valley, a high tech high rise jungle home to business giants like Apple Inc. and Google, but like any powerhouse, taking a timeout to recharge once in a while is essential. Amidst all the dot-com innovation and oppressive rush hour traffic, San Jose has a playful side that knows where to go for some serious downtime - trading in skyscraper views for a wide open sky, and water cooler chat for nature strolls shrouded in coastal fog.

The Majesty of Castle Rock When someone says to “take a hike” San Jose has just the place. From daydreamers to daredevils, Castle Rock State Park is a backpackers paradise, an ever-popular favorite for any outdoor maven. Meandering through the breathtaking Santa Cruz Mountains, giving even the most seasoned rock climber a run for their money, the views of the San Lorenzo River Valley alone are nothing short of spectacular. An extensive 34-mile trail network including the  Saratoga Gap and Ridge Trail Loop winds in and out of fairytale forests and challenges trekkers of all skill levels to navigate the park’s rugged terrain. Of course many just come to relax and  soak in the magnificence of ancient redwood trees on horseback or experience sweeping views  from atop Castle Rock

Botanical Garden Escapes For meditative ambiance, the Silicon Valley has an ever-changing beauty. From the tranquility of Municipal Rose garden where 189 showstopping blooms perfume the senses while a trickling  fountain serenades horticultural fanciers, and the Urban Trail Experience at Guadalupe River  Park where visitors can take an outdoor yoga class or hop on a Segway, to the peaceful zen of  Hakone Gardens - a reflective hideaway of mirrored koi ponds, lush landscape, and recognized  by the National Register of Historic Places as one of the oldest Japanese Gardens in the Western  Hemisphere.

Vine Ripened Bliss Beyond the hustle of the city, weekends are for raising a glass to the region’s prize-winning grapes. Just outside city limits, more than 150 wineries grace the fertile vineyards of the Santa Clara Valley and Santa Cruz Mountains, stealing the Napa Valley spotlight with exquisite samplings of sun-kissed perfection. Evoking the romance of Europe, Regale Winery is an authentic replica of old-world Tuscany. Opulent villas, breathtaking garden views from the terrace and handcrafted varietals complete this extraordinary experience. By day, Mountain  Winery serves exceptional estate blends, but when the sun sets in Saratoga, this glorious location transforms into a spectacular concert venue overlooking hills laced with rambling vineyards. Located in Los Gatos, Testarossa Winery transports visitors to a world of award-winning Pino Noir, rich vintage chardonnays, along with guided cellar tours, private tastings, and live entertainment.

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