Journey To Paradise – Xcaret Eco Park, Cancun

Mysterious, enchanting, vibrant. Three words to describe Xcaret Eco Park in Cancun, Mexico. Lush vegetation and ancient archeological attractions will transport you to a world far removed from anything you could ever imagine. When you’re standing in a jungle near a cascading waterfall surrounded by exotic wildlife, and ghosts of a Mayan civilization, you know you’ve reached the end of paradise. Located in the Riviera Maya along the Caribbean coast, this otherworldly theme park is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. Man-made attractions including water slides, and an aquarium are seamlessly woven into a natural sanctuary of ancient ruins, wildlife habitats, and aquamarine waters so clear it hardly seems possible.

With everything there is to do, and see, you’ll need more than a day to take it all in. From snorkeling tours in the Caribbean sea, and swimming with the dolphins, to the high-speed Adrenalina boat excursion, the water recreation at Xcaret is one you have to experience to believe. The highlight for anyone who visits the park is the unforgettable swim through its underground rivers. Wading through moss lined rock tunnels, and echoing caves while being serenaded by tropical birdsong, and rushing waterfalls is nothing short of awe-inspiring. If you’re craving something a little more adventurous, Xcaret has an array of activities that will get you out of your comfort zone from swimming with nurse sharks, and stingrays, to the excitement of soaring in a parasail, and catching your breath on a zip-line. 

Behind all this natural wonderland is the cultural tapestry of ancient artwork, spellbinding ceremonies, and historical reenactments. From the vibrant colors of the Mexican Folk Art Museum, and spiritual ambiance of the Mexican Cemetery, to the dramatic heart pounding Pre-Historic Dances, and Sacred Mayan Journey, Xcaret park will take you on an educational, and sensory pilgrimage back in time. Of course, no cultural immersion is complete without experiencing the local cuisine, and the food here is incredible. Whether you’re looking for authentic Mexican fare, mouth-watering Italian, or fresh caught sushi, Xcaret offers the finest regional and international flavors. The only way to cap off a visit to the park is with the world famous Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show. This two-hour event is a spectacular showcase of music, stunning costumes, and traditional performances that capture the essence of Mexico from it’s ancient beginnings to the thriving culture it is today. Pack an extra camera, and bring the family because this place is a once in a lifetime experience.