Juicing is not just a trend!

Juicing is much more than a health craze.  It's a way of infusing the body with a wealth of nutrients without taking a handful of supplements. It is also an easy way to get our recommended  9 + servings each day which to be honest, can be difficult sometimes.  Fruits and vegetables are most beneficial in their raw living form because they retain the nutrition often lost during the cooking process.  The beauty of juicing especially for seniors is that the vitamins in fresh juices are easily absorbed into the bloodstream as opposed to pills which have to break down in the digestive tract before being released.  In fact carrot juice offers a form of Vitamin C, and Beta Carotene that is metabolized best this way.  Research has shown that a diet abundant in fruits and vegetables can reduce cancer risk, aid in preventing diabetes, and improve the appearance of the skin.  It is very important when starting a juicing program that you check with your doctor to know if there are any restrictions. Drinking too much fruit juice for instance can spike insulin levels, and it may be advisable for those with diabetic issues to stick with fruits and vegetables lower on the glycemic index.

I know that the thought of drinking your vegetables may not be appealing, but you would be surprised how delicious it can be. For beginners an easy blend is simply carrot, apple and ginger.  It's sweet, and very palatable for those people who may find some of the "green" juices a bit daunting.  It can be fun to experiment with different fruit and vegetable combinations to find the one you love.  Purchasing a juicer will be an investment that will pay for itself as you start feeling more alive and energized with each glass!

~Adriane Rosenberg