Uncovering the Magic of Sedona

You’ll hear about people traveling from place to place in the pursuit of self-enlightenment, but wherever their road may lead, the red rocks of Sedona should undoubtedly be a stop along the way.  It’s one of those travel experiences that people can’t stop talking about and whether they were looking for a spiritual awakening, or a panoramic, ends of the earth kind of adventure, there’s a mystical energy about Sedona that makes everyone catch their breath. Maybe it’s the way the majestic monoliths stand in stark contrast to the blue sky, or how the ghosts of an ancient civilization are eternally etched into the sandstone, but whatever draws people to this mysteriously beautiful place, it’s an experience they’ll never forget.

Chiseled by the forces of nature, Sedona’s rust-hued towers are quite possibly the most magnificent, geologic wonders of the world.  Surrounded by the Verde Valley, and flowing waters of Oak Creek Canyon, this jewel of the Southwest is located about 2 hours from the Grand Canyon, and 45 minutes from Flagstaff. Sedona encompasses 1.8 million acres of national forests, and more than 300 miles of trails for wherever your journey takes you, whether it’s channeling magnetic vortex energy, or peering over the edge of Cathedral Rock.

You could come to Sedona for the photo opportunity of a lifetime, get a massage, or shop, and dine your way through Main Street, but if you’re here to indulge your passion for the outdoors, Red Rock Scenic Byway will take you to where it all begins.  From rafting through Oak Creek Canyon, and hiking through Red Rock State Park, to taking a Jeep tour to the top of Schnebly Hill Vista, Sedona is best traveled on foot, on horseback, or even an ATV for the thrill seekers out there. Featured by Golf Digest as one of the most spectacular golf destinations in the country, Sedona Golf Resort offers 6,646 yards of breathtaking scenery, and an on-site restaurant to recharge after a postcard-worthy day on the course. When things really start heating up, slather on the waterproof sunscreen, and cool off at Slide Rock State Park who’s namesake comes from its natural built-in water slides.

Sedona’s rugged landscape was once inhabited by a Native American culture whose history can be explored through ancient ruins, petroglyphs, and the artifacts left behind in one of the area’s historic landmarks including the Palatki Ruins, and Honanki Heritage Site. Sightseer, to sports lover, the enigmatic spirit of Sedona is undeniable, so whether you’re experiencing it from a hot air balloon, enjoying a restorative yoga retreat, or you’ve signed up for moonlight backpacking trek, this is one of those trips you’ll want to do again, and again.