Stop and Smell The Roses!

Yes, I realize I'm grasping at cliche phrases here, but when has taking in the sweet fragrance of a rose made you feel stressed? Stopping to take a time-out is almost ancient practice. Most of us are maxed out trying to keep up with life's demands, but it's difficult be there for others if we're not taking care of our own needs right?  Try including these simple tips each day to renew your mind and body.  

Aromatherapy:  Essential oils such as lavender, geranium and jasmine can help promote relaxation, and calm.  In fact several companies take the guesswork out of choosing the right fragrance by make specific blends that are geared toward issues such as anxiety, mood, or low energy. Always choose pure extracts over traditional air freshener products as these contain chemicals such as phthalates that are harmful when inhaled.

Breathe Deeply:  Pay close attention to how you breath.  Most of our breathing is shallow which doesn't allow oxygen to flow through the body like it should.  To reap the benefits of a cleansing breath, inhale deeply through the nose for five seconds and exhale through the mouth for five seconds. Try doing this several times throughout the day for a noticeable improvement in your stress level, and tension.   

Stretch Those Muscles:  Although it's tempting after a stressful day to go straight to the sofa, the best thing you can do to unwind is to get moving.  Most stress is stored in the spine hence the neck and back pain we often experience.  Releasing that tension doing light yoga or other stretching exercise can give you that feel good sensation without reaching for the pint of Haagen Dazs.

Taking time every day to refuel, the mind has a powerful impact on how we perform physically. Be mindful of your body and be aware when it's time to hit the pause button.

~Adriane Rosenberg