Benefits of Dry Brushing your Skin

Your skin is the first thing people see. It is a reflection of what is happening inside your body, and speaks volumes about your overall health.  Toxins and impurities are excreted through the skin which can be difficult if it can't "breathe."  As we get older the rate in which our skin cells renew slows down making exfoliation even more important. Dry brushing uses a bristle brush made for exfoliation from head to toe in order to remove dead skin and improve cell turnover.

What are the benefits?  Women everywhere will be happy to know that dry brushing can help improve cellulite.  It encourages blood circulation to the skin and aids in how fat is deposited into problem areas. This technique is far more effective than any cream and doesn't involve any cosmetic procedures!

The lymphatic system filters waste from the body and is critical to detoxification.  Brushing the skin stimulates the lymph glands making them more productive in eliminating waste. When the skin is able to remove harmful buildup from the body, it dramatically improves in its appearance.   

Improved circulation. Dry brushing encourages blood flow to the skin's surface and removes dead cells to help feel more energized.  Taking a few minutes in the morning before showering gets the blood moving throughout the body and makes the job of removing impurities more efficient.

Most stores that carry natural beauty products will have these brushes available inexpensively. Dry brushing isn't time consuming! It takes only ten minutes or so making it easy to include into your beauty and health routine.  This diagram is a great resource that shows the correct way to dry brush.

Reducing toxins in the body using this technique along with a clean diet can greatly improve how you look and feel, while maintaining that healthy glow.

~Adriane Rosenberg