Paddle Your Way to the Heart of the Mississippi

Grab a paddle or polish up your spokes for an unforgettable journey along the tranquil waters of the Mississippi. Founded, and owned by four former classmates, Broken Paddle Guiding Co. invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore the location that inspired the tales of Tom Sawyer, and Huck Finn whether by bike, paddle board, or in a kayak. Known as having one of the region’s most diverse eco-systems, visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal to native wildlife, lush vegetation, and experience a truly unique year round adventure.
Broken Paddle Guiding Co. offers a variety of scenic tours designed for any skill level from seasoned paddle boarders, and kayaking newbies, to avid cyclists. Kayaking tours include the Flooded Forest Tour, Sunset Beach Tour, and the Raptor Tour that stops off at the National Eagle Center dedicated to the sustainable preservation of the majestic, bald, and golden eagles. The Sunset Beach Tour can be enjoyed on a paddle board, or in a kayak while watching the sun dip out of view before capping off the night at a local brewery. Gather friends or family for the Hidden River group tour that offers spectacular views of Lake Pepin, and meanders beneath the densely forested landmark of Barn Bluff.
One of most intriguing tours offered by Broken Paddle Guiding Co. is the Winter Fat Bike Tour. Riding over the once flowing waters of the Mississippi, visitors will experience an off road excursion like no other. Designed for snow using specialized low pressure “fat” tires, these bikes provide a serious workout taking riders through a crystalline winter wonderland, while trekking over icy, snow covered terrain. Foodies will love the Inn to Inn Bike Tour that includes overnight bed and breakfast accommodation, and three full days of culinary delights, craft beers, local wines, and breathtaking river hikes, and scenic trail rides.
Anyone craving a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure will find it at Broken Paddle Guiding Co. No gear no problem. Equipment rentals are provided at half, or full day rates with shuttle service available at a minimal fee. Go it solo, or experience it with friends, but the only way to experience the mighty Mississippi is on two wheels, or with a paddle.

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