Nature's Superfoods

A "Superfood" is not always an expensive supplement or extract.  Nature has provided a bounty of colorful fruits and vegetables that are true nutritional superstars. While there are so many options to choose from, i've narrowed them down my favorites. It can be exciting to shop your local produce department and choose what looks beautiful and fresh!

Kale:  Belonging to the cruciferous family, this green warrior is an incredible source of iron, vitamins K, A, C, potassium and even plant based protein.  It is so versatile and can be eaten as a salad, steamed, and even blended in a smoothie! Kale has become very trendy in today's health conscience society for good reason, just a cup contains almost 100% of your daily recommended vitamin A intake, and over 1000% of vitamin K.  

Avocados:  Most people are afraid to include them in their diet thinking they are too high in fat, and calories.  Avocados are actually packed with poly and monounsaturated HEALTHY fats along with being rich in potassium, folate, and B-6.  They are a great alternative to using oily salad dressings and mayonnaise.

Tomatoes:  They are actually considered a fruit, and are one of the few foods that offer health benefits even when canned.  In fact processed tomato products as opposed to fresh contain lycopene which has been shown to lower the risk of prostate cancer and stroke. They are a wonderful source of fiber, manganese and vitamins C, and A. Available year round these little gems are a must have for a healthy diet.

Bananas:  Potassium rich, and easy on digestion, these are nature's perfect portable food.  Instead of reaching for a processed high sugar power bar grab one of these instead! One medium size banana contains only about 100 calories and can help prevent blood sugar imbalances.

By Max LaCount