The Health Trend You Won’t Find In a Bottle

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but could the key to good health be where you live? Feeling your best in everything you do extends beyond the hours you’re putting in at the gym. Longevity and vitality is a lifestyle rather than a health fad, and while juice cleanses, and superfoods are fabulous, experiencing mind-body health is one that 55+ communities have made their core focus. Anyone who’s researched this neighborhood turned “wellness retreats” has probably noticed a common thread of buzzwords like active, socially engaged, and connected. From the simplistic to the most opulent communities, most would agree that retirement isn’t being done sitting down.
Time, and time again, studies have proven the healing benefits of healthy social relationships, and how they improve everything from cardiovascular health to depression. Active adult communities are specifically designed to bring neighbors together through social clubs, events, and competitive games. The peer community atmosphere is ideal for singles to meet new people, and reduce feelings of loneliness. One resident said that since her move, life had become more socially enhanced, and she even became a cookie delivering member of the welcoming committee. These communities foster a no pressure approach to getting out there by offering activities to suit any lifestyle.
From sprawling golf courses, indoor/outdoor pools, trails, and sporting courts, communities take boosting endorphins very seriously. Group sports to a sweat session at the gym, boomers, and retirees of any fitness level can enjoy a life on the move. Adding resort style to the mix, communities like Trilogy at Vistancia offer an endless menu of active amenities with free exercise classes, a wellness spa, and world-class fitness centers. The beauty of on-site fitness? No need to warm up the car to squeeze in a workout and a variety of activities allows you to change it up either on your own or with a group of friends.
In a society where high stress and adrenal burnout is king, don’t underestimate the power of relaxation. Active lifestyle communities know that working hard, and playing hard should be followed by a moment to reflect. Many offer serene outdoor spaces, community gardens, and some with on-site cafes to enjoy some down time. Whether it’s whipping up a culinary masterpiece in a gourmet kitchen, gathering with friends around the fire pit, or a sunrise stroll with a loved one, taking a time to breathe, and be mindful isn’t something you’ll find in a multi-vitamin.