Finding Your Competitive Edge

In a recent Toronto marathon, one runner defied the odds completing the 26.2 mile race in under four hours.  An accomplishment many of us can’t fathom, it should also be mentioned that this competitor was 85 years old!  Canadian Ed Whitlock born March 6th 1931, broke the world record, leaving spectators awestruck, and inspired. While participating in a marathon may not be for everyone, the desire to go the distance, pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible knows no age limit.  Having a spirit of competition doesn’t necessarily mean keeping up with the twenty something at the gym, or spending a fortune on sports gear, but it’s the motivation to find your inner warrior, and exceed your own expectations. 

The National Senior Games Association held it’s first 19 sport event in St. Louis in 1987, and has gone on to showcase thousands of competitors 50 and better who are surpassing athletes half their age. Seniors all over the country have teamed up to play in sports leagues, and participate in fitness classes not just for the physical benefits, but to enjoy socializing with fellow age peers, and have fun being on the move.  Healthy living, is active living and no-one understands the love of the sport better than active adult lifestyle builders who incorporate fitness into their community designs.  Many are equipped with amenities for active seniors to get their game on like basketball, and tennis courts, and some with sprawling golf courses. There’s a reason why these guys, and gals wake up at 5 a.m to meet up with other residents, and that’s to practice and perfect their tennis serve, their golf swing, or whatever it is that fuels their competitive fire. 

Don’t let the phrase retirement fool you, because baby boomers aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Some of the most popular sports for older adults include skiing, bodybuilding, swimming, and tennis which are all fantastic for building endurance, and strength. These days you’ll probably find a lot of empty craft tables, and recliners, because today’s seniors are going to their edge, and perhaps breaking world records of their own. Too late to get moving? Not even close.