Recharge By Going Unplugged

Thought a juice cleanse was the only way to detox? Last summer on a weekend family getaway, we all settled into our hotel room, and spent a good while immersed in our cell phones.  It could have been an iPhone commercial, or an ad for how the modern family does down time, but it was also an eye opener how technology has become such a pivotal part of our lives that we almost feel lost without it. How many times have you witnessed someone’s frustration because they lost reception, or couldn’t get wifi? What began as a convenient way to stay in touch, has become an all consuming past-time of checking for updates from the moment we wake up. The benefits of a digital fast can be as beneficial as putting healthy fuel into your body, reminding us that technology is there to work for us not the other way around. 

Don’t underestimate the power of  uninterrupted “you time.” The next time you take a walk, or read a book, leave your phone behind, or put it into airplane mode and enjoy a quiet moment without the information overload. Let calls go to voicemail, and set aside time to check the news or emails later on.  People that allow themselves time to go unplugged experience less anxiety, and even improved sleep. Dedicate a couple of hours or challenge yourself to a full day of a technology hiatus.  

Experience nature without a lens between you, and the great outdoors. As much as I love to photograph the beauty around me, I also have to remind myself to stop and take it in with my own eyes. It’s a reminder to pause, and be in the moment, and when you’re gazing out at the ocean or a field of wildflowers, a picture often doesn’t capture it in quite the same way.

Spend more time with friends and loved ones. Switch off the TV, put the laptop away, and meet with a friend for lunch, or enjoy a nature hike.  I’m sure most would agree meaningful conversations are far and few between, and no amount of Facebook chat can make up for the lack of it. Make it a point to enjoy quality time with a spouse or with family where you can focus on each other without any devices. 

The only way to charge your own battery is to power down the temptation.  There’s a big world out there to explore, and your gadgets will be there when you get back!