Spring Cleaning

I love this time of year when the trees are covered in cotton candy pink blooms, and bright yellow daffodils are making their debut.  It's also the time of year when I notice all the dust bunnies in the corners, and the windows that are in dire need of a good scrub.  Spring cleaning always reminds me of Donna Reed sporting a feather duster, and a string of pearls.  There's something about the annual clean that renews the soul, and prepares your home for the months ahead.  Here are some tips to give old man winter the boot, and say hello to spring!

Replenishing cleaning supplies.  Go eco-friendly if possible, and stock up on cleaning solutions, mops, brushes, and trash bags. I like to keep a little kit in each bathroom, and the kitchen so i'm not dragging all of my cleaning tools from one room to the other. 

Clean one room at a time. Do a thorough scrub of each area of your home instead of a quick once over. Wipe down walls, and clean windows. Vacuum thoroughly, and shampoo carpets.  Allergens can accumulate from everything being closed up for the winter, so open the windows to air it all out. 

Wash or dry clean drapery, and comforters as these collect dust that you end up inhaling.  If you have heavy curtains this is a great time to swap them out for lighter ones to let in more light for a fresher feel.  As the weather warms up pack away laundered winter bedding, and blankets.

Do a sweep of the pantry and toss expired items, and put foods like cereal and flour into sealed containers. This is a great time to donate non perishables you won't use to your local food pantry.  Spices tend to lose their zing after about 6 months so replenish these as needed.

There's nothing like the feeling of a clean house, so pour yourself a glass of wine, and don't forget to buy flowers!

~Adriane Rosenberg