Kick up your heels in Austin TX

If you asked today's baby boomers what they have in mind for their retirement, most will say they're taking their second youth for a joyride .  Retirement is being redefined one baby boomer at a time, and where they're redefining it is in no other than the vibrant city of Austin, Texas.  This artsy, and fun loving city had a population of over 2.0 million in 2015 according to the Austin Chamber, with over 184,000 of its residents being 65, and older.  What's not to love about this live music capital of the world? Warm weather, low cost of living, and no income tax, makes this a boomer hot spot, not to be missed.

Affordability is a major selling point.  The state of Texas ranks as one of our nations lowest in terms of tax burden, and residents can enjoy living free of personal, and corporate income tax. In 2015, the National Association of Realtors listed an average home price of $263,300, which is 15 percent lower than the national average according to ABC News, and World Report.

You're not going to find baby boomers sitting around either! Austin is made for moving, and according to Shape magazine is in the top ten fittest cities in the country.  Biking, hiking, kayaking, you name it, Austin's got it.  The climate is subtropical with hot humid summers, and mild winters, but with over 200 days of sun a year, there's plenty of opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

Home to the University of Texas it's not  just college kids that are hitting the books.  Retirees are signing up for the university's extended education program, proving it's never too late to learn something new! As far as entertainment is concerned, nothing says night life, and good times like live music everyday of the week, and when the sun is sizzling hot, Austin has it all when it comes to retail therapy.  Foodies have come to the right place where BBQ is practically a religion, and Tex-Mex is an art form.

If you're considering relocating for the ultimate retirement, Austin is seeing a surge of baby boomers choosing this exciting destination as the ideal place for an active lifestyle.

~Adriane Rosenberg