Top 5 Winter Destinations

It's officially snowbird season when folks flee frigid temps in favor of warm, sunny destinations.  Leaving home for the winter means goodbye to snow boots, and parkas and hello sunscreen, and flip flops. Where to go? From the Hawaiian islands, to South Beach, it's a matter of how one likes to turn up the heat!

Texas may not be the first place you think of for a retirement getaway, but the Lone Star state offers something for everyone whether it's shopping for a pair of cowboy boots, or taking in the arts in metropolitan Austin. You won't be shivering in the cold while enjoying a mild climate as well as affordable rental options for those looking for a part time home away from home.

Palm Springs is a mecca for the 55+ crowd looking to enjoy outdoor recreation such as golf, hiking or horseback riding. Located in the picturesque Cochella Valley, normal summer temps sizzle well over 100 degrees but are wonderfully mild during winter. Affluent desert resorts, and cultural festivals make this place a winner.

Arizona with it's majestic Saguaro cacti, and warm desert breezes, it's not wonder why this beautiful destination was the first in the nation to develop a 55+ community. Winter is an amazing time to visit picturesque Grand Canyon National Park, or hike Camelback Mountain, and Sedona for breathtaking views.

Jacksonville Florida offers part timers affordable rental homes, as well as a strong economic scene. Escape snow flurries along 22 miles of stunning beaches, and get ready to get fit with a host of activities including bicycling, hiking, and water sports.  Mild winters put this city on the map as a go to for retirees.

Retiring in paradise, aka. Hawaii is more expensive than most places, but with lush greenery, impossibly ideal weather, and relaxed vibe, it's not out of reach. Apartments or condos can be rented for around $1500, and doing your own food shopping versus eating out can save money, and help you live like a local.  The hardest part is deciding on which island to take your snowbird dreams!

~Adriane Rosenberg