Banish Post Holiday Blues

I can't believe the holiday season is quickly winding down, and 2016 is a mere two weeks away. That being said, I'm already fast forwarding to New Years Day, and saying goodbye to all the twinkling lights, and buttery treats.  The holidays feel like being wrapped in a cozy cocoon of warmth, when "real life" is almost suspended, and we don't tend to think too much about finances, and what the months ahead will hold.

I thought I was the only one who felt the post holiday blues, but it tends to be a common thread for a lot of us.  The last couple of years I decided to push these thoughts aside in favor of how I could embrace winter, and make it the best one yet.

Give yourself the gift of relaxation after the holiday craziness has passed and get a massage, or manicure. There's something about choosing a fun nail color, or letting yourself be whisked away with some deep muscle treatment that can help you feel refreshed.

Create a hot beverage station in your kitchen with some gourmet cocoa, or your favorite teas, or coffee.  Treat yourself to a new mug, and give yourself something to cozy up to after at work, or being outdoors where the weather is still pretty frightful!

Going back to work after all the holiday goodies are gone, and it's business as usual can sometimes feel like a buzz kill, but rather than dread it, I like to figure out ways to spruce up my desk area such as a new plant, an inspiring print or calendar, or buy a fun water bottle to remind myself hydration is everything even in the winter.

A major factor for many of us is after spending so much time with family, and friends things can seem quiet, and empty once everyone goes home. This time of year is known for bringing us together, but why stop with the holidays?  Make plans with your loved ones to get together throughout the year.  Maybe start a tradition of monthly or bimonthly dinners, or plan a trip for the warmer months ahead.  Having something to look forward to is always important.  

Never underestimate journaling.  It forces us to think, and putting pen to paper makes it tangible.  Are there goals you're trying to set?  Maybe even jotting down a budget to help feel more organized?  If forces you to spend much needed YOU time, because at the end of the day, you're the one who matters most!

~Adriane Rosenberg