Ring In a Healthy New Year

New Year's day is fast approaching, and for the majority of us this means the end of lavish holiday eating, and making diet resolutions. The intention of making a change for better health is fantastic, but it's also easy to plan big, and realize maybe this wasn't so easy.  New Years eve, eat all the cookies, and the next morning down a big green smoothie.  No problem right? Well maybe, but if you haven't  already adopted healthy habits, starting small might be your best bet.
Instead of diving in the deep end overnight, make the choice to change one thing in your daily routine such as having one salad each day, or choosing a piece of fruit  in place of your usual snack. Sometimes going all or nothing can cause anxiety, or a relapse, so don't feel like you have to go in cold turkey.

A diet should be delicious, and satisfying.  In the cold winter months, eating raw carrot sticks, and celery doesn't sound that appealing, but try and "eat the rainbow" by making hearty stews, and warm salads combining roasted vegetables with fresh greens, and lean protein.  You'll still reap the nutritional benefits of eating raw, but feel like you're eating something filling, and substantial.  

Holiday libations, and rich foods can cause the liver to work over time.  Garlic, warm lemon water, dark greens, and turmeric are amazing ways to filter out toxins, and reset your system.  Healthy fats such as avocado, and olive oil counteract oxidative damage, and reduce inflammation.

Out of sight out of mind.  Take inventory of your cupboards, and throw out or give away foods that will create temptation.  Keep healthy options on hand for midnight cravings,  stocking up on naturally sweet, and salty foods like dried fruit, and nuts.  Setting yourself up for success is the first step to a healthy happy New Year.

~Adriane Rosenberg