Best Foods for Tummy Troubles!

With winter time upon us, we will all encounter a bout of digestive distress every now and then whether it's a bug, or maybe over indulgence in food or drink. Remember being sick as a kid, and your mother would bring a steamy bowl of brothy soup or banana toast? The lady knew what she was doing, and relied on tried and true remedies to soothe an upset tummy. When we're feeling under the weather most foods sound unappetizing, and should be avoided all together. To speed healing, give your digestive tract a chance to rest, and that means foods that are gut friendly. Avoid high fiber foods such as dried fruits, raw vegetables, and some whole grains as they can cause bloating, and discomfort. Ever heard of the B.R.A.T diet? The acronym known to moms everywhere stands for recovery foods Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. Bananas are your best friend, and are the easiest to digest. They contain simple carbohydrates that metabolize quickly, and contain pre-biotics, and potassium. Applesauce is high in pectin, and also hydrates to replenish fluid loss. Now is not the time for fibrous brown rice, and whole grain breads, It's the not so nutritious white bread, and white rice that work well. Refined starches such as these act as a binder which is particularly helpful for bouts of diarrhea, and upset stomach. Once your symptoms subside, it's ok to reintroduce fiber rich grains like steel cut oats, or farro. Hydration is probably the most important step toward recovery. Dehydration is a serious concern with acute episodes of stomach illness, so getting adequate fluids, and electrolytes back in is critical. Sports drinks like Gatorade, or Pedialyte are popular choices, but natural options such as coconut water, and clear broth are even better. Coconut water contains about 470 mg of potassium in 8oz making it a great way to restore balance. Keep these foods on hand as a go to. Most of them are pantry friendly, and are quick, and easy to prepare. ~Adriane Rosenberg