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Experience Vermont’s Storybook Charm

Sweet apples, cooler days, and rustling leaves encompass all things fall, and few places evoke the crisp, brilliance of the season like Vermont. Located near the Canadian border, Vermont is synonymous with autumnal glory from its spectacular foliage, and historic covered bridges, to the flowing maple syrup that makes this storybook region the darling of New England. Whether it’s a picturesque hike surrounded by a showcase of trees, or taking a walk down memory lane to explore art galleries, and museums, dreams of the perfect fall getaway start here.

Vermont is the idyllic setting for outdoor recreation from bike riding through quaint villages, to cross country skiing. Take a breathtaking zipline canopy tour with ArborTrek Canopy Adventures, hike the Mount Mansfield state forest trails, or spend a scenic day on the golf course in popular cities like Stowe, and Manchester. Vermont’s impressive landscape is the perfect venue for experiencing an exhilarating outdoor adventure, or taking the dog for a stroll along waterfront park trails.

Baby Boomers Go High Tech

Living in an age where even grade school kids own cell phones, it’s hard to remember a time when running an errand, or going for a walk went unplugged. We are constantly connected in some way, and the notion of someone not able to get ahold of us at any given moment seems unheard of. From youngsters to boomers, and beyond, WiFi and touchscreen devices are a fact of life and let’s face it, we can’t live without them. When it comes to building homes marketed towards the 55+ demographic, designers know going old school isn’t going to cut it. These buyers are more tech-savvy than ever and want innovative technologies and hands-free convenience.

Smart house? Home automation has hit the ground running taking us into an era of modern functionality where controlling what goes on at home anytime, anywhere is the new norm. From turning on the lights to preheating the oven, homeowners can communicate with their homes using a phone or tablet whether they’re at the office, or on vacation. Nowadays baby boomer tech junkies can get their hands on a unique variety of WiFi-enabled devices including remote thermostat control, and keyless entry as an alternative to putting the spare key under the flower pot.

Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

In light of the recent storm devastation, most of us are left wondering how we would cope in the face of a disaster, and would we be ready? Whether we live in earthquake country or a location that hasn’t seen a natural disaster in decades, none of us are immune to emergency situations, and preparing for the unexpected is the first line of defense. From mapping an escape route to stocking up on essentials, the best time to plan for a crisis is before you actually need it, and these checklist items will give you the arsenal you’ll need to get you, and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

55+ Communities Put Home Safety First

From smartphone surveillance to advanced security systems, home safety technology has evolved well beyond posting Beware of Dog, and No Trespassing signs. While no neighborhood is immune to burglaries, active adult communities tend to be more secure than traditional neighborhoods with built-in safety measures that offer peace of mind as a major selling point.

Gated communities provide excellent security that keeps them exclusive to residents, and invited guests. Guarded entrances are ideal, but the jury is out on whether passcode operated gates are as safe as they claim. Unless someone is on duty 24/7 the risk of passwords being shared with those outside of the community is a concern. On the upside, gated entrances help prevent unnecessary traffic, unwanted solicitors, and minimize potential vandalism.

The Big City With Small Town Roots

From rolling farmland to the Venetian inspired architecture of the state capitol, Madison Wisconsin is an ultra modern city with a rich heritage. It’s a harmonious fusion of country living and a progressive economy. Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin, a myriad of performing arts venues, and is the birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright who’s legendary design work can be admired throughout the city. Madison’s strong economy comes from the educational, and governmental influence making it one of the country’s most intellectual cities. This metro city with a small town vibe epitomizes age friendly living and is the quintessential baby boomer destination.

Nestled between Lake Mendota, and Monona, Madison is well known for its thriving agricultural industry, and of course its exceptional dairy offerings hence the nickname, “cheesehead country.” An abundance of outdoor recreation, and local events, paired with sophisticated amenities, make it truly unique, and undoubtedly charming. With five surrounding lakes, eleven beaches, and over 260 parks, 55+ outdoor enthusiasts will be in their element.  Madison made the list as being one of the top cities for cycling by and was ranked in the top 25 for walkability by Prevention magazine. From water recreation, hiking, and golf, to exciting winter sports, there’s an activity for every adventurer. Lake Farm County Park in Dane County is within biking distance to downtown Madison, and offers 328 acres of picturesque outdoor fun no matter the season, with walking, and cross country ski trails, RV sites, a wildlife pond, and offers a great location for boating.

Discover Oregon’s Award Winning Wine Country

Many will say Oregon’s Willamette Valley rivals that of the Napa Valley, and the wine regions of France with its scenic beauty, award winning wines, and exceptional culinary scene. Located about 50 minutes south of the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon’s wine country showcases sprawling vineyards, stunning Cascade Mountain views, and offers endless outdoor recreation. Willamette Valley winegrowers are committed to sustainable farming practices to ensure only the highest quality from the vine to the bottle. This area is a lush, emerald landscape of tree studded mountains, majestic waterfalls, charming bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and more. It’s the ideal location for any occasion whether it’s a romantic getaway for two, or getting the girls together for a weekend of wine tasting.

Willamette’s wine country is like heaven on earth for wine connoisseurs, and famous for its exquisite Pino Noir varieties, and over 500 incredible wineries. Anyone who has ridden a bike through the region’s rolling hills, or pulled up a chair overlooking the valley, knows this corner of the world is something truly special. Oregon’s wine region has been recognized as one of the best in the country by Food and Wine and has been featured by Travel and Leisure. Family run wineries including Adelsheim Vineyard founded in 1971, Bergström Vineyard, and the Alexana Estate Winery, invite visitors to sit back and relax while enjoying a day of picturesque wine tasting.

Experience the Luxury of Central Coast Living

Miles of Mediterranean inspired beaches, sprawling wine country, and cool coastal breezes. Welcome to California’s picturesque Central Coast. All it takes to fall in love with this region is a drive along Highway 1 where big city congestion is left behind, and impossibly beautiful Pacific coast views await. From the vibrant city of San Luis Obispo to the deep blue depths of Big Sur, this west coast darling is one of the hottest destinations for retirees and baby boomers.

Located just 15 minutes from Pismo Beach, and 40 minutes from the charming Danish town of Solvang, the city of Nipomo is home to Trilogy’s Monarch Dunes Community. Sophisticated resort style design and unique amenities provide an unparalleled lifestyle. Monarch Dunes offers three single family home collections starting at $624,990, with 2-4 bedroom, and 2-3.5 bath options along with spacious 2-car garages. Stylish, and luxurious, the Monarch Ridge Townhomes are priced from $529,990, and feature 2-3 generously sized bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and spacious 2-car garages. Buyers will find elegant design elements in both the single family, and townhome models from large open entryways, and bright, and airy master suites, to spa inspired master baths, inviting covered patios, and expansive breakfast bars. With names like Riviera, Carmel, and Monterey, it’s clear that location is everything, and California coastal living is integrated into every home design.

Baby Boomers Take Downsizing A Step Further

The market for tiny homes has been in the media for a while with people taking downsizing to a whole new level. These diminutive versions of their traditional counterparts almost resemble dollhouses with perfectly scaled down baths, kitchens, and living spaces, attracting quite a following of buyers from families, to empty nesters.  With closet spaces not much bigger than a car trunk, it’s hard to believe the demand for these tiny abodes is on the rise particularly amongst baby boomers. So what’s so intriguing about residing in what’s often under 200 square feet? Many retirees are finding it’s the simpler lifestyle that enables them to stretch their nest egg, and pursue dreams of travel, or take up new hobbies.

Outside of purchasing the land if the home is stationary, or the cost of construction for a custom build, many tiny homes sell for under $100,000 which most buyers purchase outright versus having a monthly mortgage payment.  The idea of living debt free is attractive to tiny home buyers, and they’re willing to sacrifice space for the financial peace of mind.  In a society where the idea that more is more, the tiny house trend is proving that living on much less reaps bigger rewards. Those going small realize that although they are challenged space wise, in the end, it’s just “stuff”, and there are bigger and better things they’d rather be doing.