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Portland Oregon Forest

Celebrate Earth Day In Oregon’s Greenest City

Earth Day is to Portland as Times Square is to New York. When it comes to sustainability, and environmental consciousness, you’d think the City of Roses was where this annual event got started. Intellectual and trendy with a vibe that’s hard to beat, Portland is more than a progressive metropolis that happens to be surrounded by a forest of lush green and acres of farmland. Known as an outdoor lovers utopia, this tree-hugging, reusable bag toting city takes serious pride in being named one of America’s greenest cities by Travel & Leisure Magazine, and it has the renewable energy to prove it.

You’ll see plenty of electric, and hybrid vehicles out on the road, but alternative modes of transportation are how Portland keeps its carbon footprint on the down low. If they’re not getting around on foot, the majority of PDX residents take advantage of the incredibly efficient public transit network, from the Max Light Rail, and Portland Streetcar, to the TriMet bus system. With more than 180 bike lanes, and 85 miles of paths, there’s no doubt Portland’s preferred mode travel is on two wheels, and the open road. Named the #1 bike city in the U.S by, and with 7.2% of the population commuting by bike according to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Portland isn’t just bicycle friendly, it’s a cyclist’s paradise.

Rio Grande NM

Discover The Spirit of the Rio Grande

Albuquerque, or as locals like to call it ABQ, has a free-spirited character, a vibrant artsy persona, and a centuries-old past. Named one of Sunset Magazine’s best cities to live, boasting more than 310 days of sun, and endless opportunities for recreation and entertainment, stopping to take a raincheck isn’t really on the radar. This multi-cultural destination is home to the picturesque Sandia Mountains, and mighty Rio Grand River, along with iconic historic landmarks that celebrate the city’s Native American, and Spanish heritage. For active adults with a passion for warm desert climates, outdoor fun, and adding green chili to just about everything, Albuquerque is guaranteed to be their soulmate.

Founded in 1706, Albuquerque captures the essence of the Southwest with its showcase of natural beauty and artistic expression. Spanish and Native American cultures converge to create a city steeped in tradition from the historic exhibits found at the Indian Pueblo, and National Hispanic Cultural Centers, to the volcanic rock carvings of Petroglyph National Monument. The true heart of Albuquerque is in Old Town where the streets are lined with Pueblo-Spanish style adobe architecture, and vivid splashes of color adorning storefronts, and museums. Home to more than 100 galleries, stores, and eateries, history buffs, and art lovers will love getting lost in the authenticity of this Albuquerque landmark. Visitors to Old Town can get in the spirit on a ghost tour, explore native horticulture at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden, but the food scene is the main attraction. From swanky French cuisine to the kind of authentic Mexican food people write home about, this town has an eclectic mix of palate-pleasing options.

Tips For a Healthy Spring Makeover

With winter behind us, and longer days ahead, the coming months are an exciting time to revisit those January resolutions and kickstart our health goals. As markets become more bountiful, and sidewalks thaw out to make way for running shoes, the energy behind this seasonal shift has an irresistible way of getting us off the couch, and out into the open. From cleaning up our diets to developing a solid routine, our homes aren’t the only ones that can benefit from a spring cleaning.

Find Joy in What Moves You
If you have a love-hate relationship with exercise, you’re not alone. Nothing puts the brakes on a fitness routine like a workout that feels more like a chore, so if slaving away on the treadmill isn’t feeling inspiring, consider changing it up! Now that the weather is warming up, find a form of movement that motivates you like riding a bike, running, hiking or even taking the dog on a brisk morning walk. The Centers for Disease Control recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week which doesn’t have to be regimented exercise, and can easily include anything from yard work to reaching to the top of a breathtaking summit.

Meijer Tropical Conservatory

The Artistic Expressions of Grand Rapids Michigan

Grand Rapids expresses itself through its many works of art. Beyond what you’d find in a gallery, this industrious mid-western city is a masterpiece for the senses adorned with natural beauty, intriguing sculptural exhibits, and brilliant local talent. From visually captivating botanical gardens, and vibrant downtown murals, to lively art, and music events, Grand Rapids is a mecca of artistic inspiration and creativity. Voted one of Michigan’s top five cities for art by, this cultural destination will leave a lasting impression on any art connoisseur.

Visual Arts
A visit to Grand Rapids isn’t complete without experiencing ArtPrize. This annual 19-day event transforms the city into a canvas of international artistry, and imaginative displays. From the most far out abstracts to Da Vinci inspired classics, this annual competition awards two grand prizes of $200,000, along with additional grants donated in support of local artisans, and businesses. Dozens of top rated art venues including the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the renown Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, and LaFontsee Galleries offer a glimpse into the city’s rich art culture.

Burlington Vermont – Where Wellness is the Main Attraction

Vermont might be the birthplace of indulgent sensations like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and the purest maple syrup in the country, but one town balancing all this decadence with healthy living is the charming community of Burlington. Rated one of Time Magazine’s top 10 healthiest cities, this intimate lakeside destination packs a health-centric punch into just a few square miles, and it’s this kind small town energy that makes it so appealing to active retirees. With an outdoorsy, art loving population of just over 40,000, the secret ingredient behind this wellness driven town is its progressive local economy.

Home to the University of Vermont, Burlington is the quintessential New England town where historic architecture is grand, art is plentiful, and outdoor recreation is a way of life. With majestic views of the Appalachian Mountains, and Lake Champlain glittering in the backdrop, adopting an active lifestyle comes naturally. Picturesque recreation spots like Waterfront, and North Beach Park are idyllic settings for a myriad of activities from swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding to heading out onto the Burlington bike bath or enjoying a sunset picnic. This northern Vermont location is laid back in the summer, spectacular in the fall, and comes alive in the winter for 55+ ski, and snowboard enthusiasts ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Thinking About Retiring Off the Grid?

Sometimes city life can get a little claustrophobic. Whether you’re dealing with nosy neighbors, obstructed views, or a strict HOA, the desire for more elbow room and the freedom to roam has many empty nesters, and retirees retreating to where the grass is greener- off the grid. To most people, the idea of living off the grid means hunkering down in the middle of nowhere with nothing more than a crackling campfire, but in reality, many have found it a surprisingly sustainable way to live. If you’re someone with a spirit of ingenuity, with the desire to break free from the constraints of city municipalities, this lifestyle could be the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

What is life beyond city limits? Think of saying goodbye to your monthly utility bills, and learning to rely on alternate sources of power, water, and heat. If you’ve imagined building a home without hassling building codes, and you love wide open spaces, this could be your perfect match. As freeing as the concept of skipping town can be, becoming your own contractor requires some thorough research, and careful planning. Is your nest egg prepared for the startup costs needed to get your home up, and running? It won’t be as easy to call a handyman for maintenance, and repairs, so get ready to make friends with elbow grease, and DIY. Unless you have a corner market nearby, shops, and services will typically be further that what your used to, so budgeting for regular stock up trips will be important.

Why Podcasts Are the New Era of Radio

Now Streaming – Why Podcasts Are the New Era of Radio

The Norman Rockwell scene of a family gathering around to hear their favorite radio show was entertainment at it’s best. The Golden Age of Radio brought people together with popular shows like Abbott and Costello, and The Adventures of the Thin Man capturing their imaginations. Fast forward to today where 80 inch flat screens, smart phones, and tablets provide instant visual gratification, and a near sensory overload. For a modern alternative to the days of classic radio, podcasts have become an increasingly popular forum for providing inspiring, and educational information designed to be enjoyed on the go.

Podcasts can be streamed from your mobile device whether you’re in the car, walking the dog, at the gym, or doing chores around the house. An active alternative to being parked in front of a screen, Podcast subject matter is virtually infinite from the latest in gardening trends, to in depth health topics. In fact, the iTunes app-store currently offers more than 450,000 different podcasts, so pop in a pair of headphones on the treadmill, on a plane, or plug your phone in while driving to immerse yourself in an auditory experience anytime, anywhere.

Ithaca NY: Where Natural Beauty Meets High IQ

Have you ever visited those places that left you feeling alive, and inspired? Welcome to ivy leagues where great minds think alike, and natural beauty abounds. Ithaca is the city with a high GPA named one of the top entrepreneurial cities by and ranked one of the best college towns in the country. Home to Cornell University, and Ithaca College, this intellectual, and the business-minded city boasts rich culture and incredible outdoor scenery. Retirees, in particular, find Ithaca’s tax-friendly climate, ample amenities, and highly efficient public transit system to be the icing on this idyllic city.

If you don’t own a pair of hiking boots, it’s time to shop because nothing will prepare you for the utopia that leaves outdoor enthusiasts enamored. Home to four state parks, and iconic breathtaking gorges, Ithaca is the prima donna of upstate New York. More than 150 waterfalls cascade against a backdrop of densely forested preserves for some of the most magical hiking, and biking experiences in the country. From lake cruises, and boating, to picturesque fishing tours, Cayuga Lake provides a 38 mile stretch of peaceful waterfront recreation. The longest of the finger lakes, Cayuga features an 87-mile scenic byway where visitors can sample award-winning wines along the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, stop for a lakeside picnic, or paddle their way through its tranquil waters.