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Spokane Keeps the Winter Magic Alive

Warm weather retreats get all the attention this time of year, but some cities are so enchanting during the winter months that snowbirds may want to stay put. The Northwest city of Spokane Washington is one such destination known for its wintery charm and reputation for outdoor living. Named one of the best places to retire by Time Magazine, and a haven for active retirees, Spokane has the curb appeal of a big city yet maintains its small-town character. As Washington’s second largest city, 55+ residents don’t have to go far to find an abundance of amenities, entertainment, and affordable real estate. Northwest living is living as close to nature as possible, and from skiing to snowmobiling, winter in Spokane is an experience not to be missed.

Strolling along the tranquil riverbank, or witnessing the power of Spokane Falls, the natural beauty of Riverfront Park runs through the heart of the city, and when temperatures dip below freezing, a winter utopia awaits. The Ice Ribbon is a 650-foot paradise for ice skaters to meander in and out of frosted trees, take advantage of free skating lessons, and cozy up to a mug of hot chocolate around the fire pit. This iconic park is a postcard-worthy attraction home to the forty mile Centennial Trail, and Spokane River that turns a casual jog, or bike ride into a sensory experience.

Boomer Entrepreneurs Lead the Pack

Move over millennials, while fresh-faced college grads are getting their feet wet, business savvy baby boomers are moving full speed ahead to turn their favorite hobbies into flourishing careers. According to a 2014 publication of the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, 23% of new entrepreneurs were between 55, and 64 in 2013, compared to just over 18%  ten years prior. For anyone who’s spent a mundane day at the office asking themselves why they aren’t waking up to do what they love, well why not?  For many “retirees” the honeymoon phase after leaving the corporate grind is the perfect the time to start brainstorming ways to pursue passions instead of a paycheck.

The freedom of being one’s own boss opens up a world of possibilities. Baby boomers with their own start-ups have the advantage of channeling their creativity into something of their own making, creating their own schedules, and enjoying the flexibility that comes with business ownership. Whether someone’s spent years creating award-winning cuisine in their home, or fixed up vintage cars as a past-time, they’ve probably been asked at one time or another if they’ve considered making a living out of it. Transforming those interests into a potentially lucrative business opportunity is pushing the notion of retirement into the far distant horizon.

Take a Bold Leap Into 2018

From trying a new diet to getting a handle on the clutter in our lives, the New Year has everyone ready to cross the 2017 finish line with a fresh perspective. Whether the goals we set are in the major-leagues like making the decision to retire abroad, or it’s taking baby steps towards living a healthier lifestyle, planning for the coming year is an exciting time of self-reflection and renewed motivation. What does a new start mean to you? A new career, or dream home in your favorite city? From being newly retired to becoming an empty nester, think of 2018 as your chance to aim higher than ever, and explore these go-getter resolutions that don’t involve a juice cleanse.

Make a New Move
Does your habitat match your lifestyle? Maybe you’re living in the big city, but feel in your element when surrounded by nature, or alternatively crave urban energy but live the country life. The beginning of the year is an ideal time to assess your current situation and decide if a new hometown could give you the boost you need. If you’re an avid skier or hiking devotee, destinations like Colorado and Oregon are havens for outdoor enthusiasts, whereas metro hot spots like Manhattan and Boston cater to lovers of all things culture, entertainment, and nightlife. Decide which activities speak to you, and discover that perfect place to start your next chapter.

Embrace Lifelong Learning
If you’ve ever considered heading back to class, there’s no better time than the present. Programs like the Bernard Osher Foundation offer higher education to students 50+ with several prestigious locations to choose from including UC Berkeley, and Vanderbilt University offering an exciting schedule of courses. The proof is in the research when it comes to hitting the books later in life. According to Psychology Today, continually challenging the mind particularly for older adults can improve self-image, provide social enrichment, and may reduce cognitive degeneration. Grasping a new skill set like learning a foreign language is something you can take with you anywhere whether you plan to travel the world or venture into opening your own business.

Establish a Savings Plan
Setting aside money for unexpected expenses, a rainy day, or a big vacation is an economic priority. A Bankrate survey revealed that 32 percent of baby boomers did not have money set aside for emergencies, and with cost of living on the rise we can’t afford not to be planning ahead. Evaluate your budget, and prioritize expenses to decide what can be stashed away in a savings account. While you might wonder where you’ll have room to cut corners, expenditures like your morning java run, or magazine subscriptions could be a healthy contribution to your nest egg. In a perfect world, saving 3-5 months of your house payment is ideal, but every dollar you’re able to put away is another step to a more secure future.

Tips For Your Healthiest Holiday Yet

If the holiday season has thrown a wrench in your daily routine, you’re not alone. Never has the term burning daylight been more fitting as we try and fit wellness in between gift shopping, spending time with family, and attending social engagements. Making your health a priority this time of year sounds easier said than done, but putting your best foot forward means putting yourself first. Nowadays healthy living is associated with fancy tonics, trendy superfoods, and endless spin classes, but creating realistic health goals you’ll WANT to stick with can be simple to do with these everyday tips

Practice Good Hydration
Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean we still don’t require ample amounts of water. Between running the heater, and day to day exertion, it’s easy to become dehydrated even during winter. The recommended 8-10 glasses is ideal, but other ways to boost your fluid intake can include brothy soups, fresh fruits, and herbal teas.

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Vail Is Nothing Short of Extraordinary

Wandering through alpine villages surrounded by fallen snow, twinkling lights, and a majestic snow capped mountain evokes visions of old world Switzerland, but this prized European inspired town can be experienced without a passport. Attracting visitors from all over the world, Vail Colorado is undoubtedly the most beloved ski resort town in the U.S, and is an absolute highlight for winter sports enthusiasts, and holiday travelers. Nestled amongst the Colorado Rockies, this breathtaking destination is best known as a mecca for avid skiers, and snowboarders, but if hitting the slopes isn’t your thing, Vail offers an abundance of year round activities from magical sleigh rides, and ice skating, to panoramic hiking trails.

Standing at an awe inspiring 11,570 feet at its peak, Vail Mountain is an evergreen studded paradise with more than 5,300 of varied terrain for outdoor lovers of all skill levels from advanced downhill skiers, to cross country beginners. Vail Village is at the heart of this small town where visitors will find primary ski lift access, the legendary Vail Ski Resort, and storybook streets lined with fine restaurants, unique shops, and day spas. The nearby villages of Lionshead, and Golden Peak also provide a gateway to the mountain along with luxurious lodging, ice rinks, and beautiful residential neighborhoods. A brilliant public transportation system runs past midnight giving visitors a convenient way to get around, and keeps its charming streets congestion free.

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Millsboro Captures Old Fashioned Values

As much as we love the bright lights, and vibrant energy of the big city, it’s the simple, small-town ambiance many of us associate with “home.” One Delaware city has the best of both worlds, being close enough to the action, yet still retains that Ozzie & Harriet sense of community. Rural, and progressive, Millsboro is a small gem of a town that everyone needs to know about. It’s one of those places you can pop into the hardware store or the grocery market, and people know you by name versus just one in a crowd. It’s a quiet city, but the locals consider it an ideal place to put down roots.

Founded in 1792, Millsboro’s agricultural industry thrived for more than century and continues to be a major economic contributor to this day. This Sussex County charmer is located in Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City, Maryland with U.S Route 113 providing easy access to all the cities in between. Boasting no sales tax, low property taxes, and overall affordability, it comes as no surprise Millsboro is a fantastic destination for boomers and retirees. For someone seeking an exciting all-inclusive lifestyle, the 55+ community of Independence by Schell Brothers is just one of the many reasons why active adults love living here. With a 24,000 square foot clubhouse, exciting amenities, and lively happy hours, this community is a prime example of the quality of life that awaits in Millsboro.

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This Extreme Sport Takes Boomers to New Heights

The term “second youth” is more than just a buzzword that defines the baby boomer generation. These go-getters have spent decades planning for what they’d consider the best years of their lives, and there’s no limit to what they’re dreaming up. Reinventing their parent’s retirement is what they do best, and today’s boomers are taking on everything from advanced degrees to skydiving? Yes, hardcore sports may not be for the faint of heart, but older adults are proving that the sky’s the limit.

If making the leap into the wild blue yonder with a parachute in tow sounds a bit too extreme, companies like SkyVenture Arizona are taking the adventure inside.  For anyone wanting to learn, or craving the adrenaline boost without braving the real thing, indoor skydiving venues are a fantastic way to experience this type of extreme sport while in a controlled environment. Whether someone is a first-timer or an experienced flyer, places like SkyVenture cater to all levels of expertise offering specialized coaching from basic maneuvers to advanced aerial skills.

Why Social Media Is Worth Logging Into

Why Social Media Is Worth Logging Into

Many would argue that social media and the worldwide web has taken the personal touch out of how we communicate, but let’s face it, it’s our preferred mode of sharing with one another. Popular sites like Facebook may have started out as a platform for college alumni to stay in touch, but we’re finding it’s not just millennials planning high school reunions, and posting spring break photos. According to a Pew Research study, over 60 percent of social media users are 65 or better, and this generation is proving to be the most tech-savvy group yet.

Even though society has become all about instant gratification when it comes to connecting with long lost friends, or grandkids, having it all right at our fingertips may not be such a bad idea after all. One thing the internet is great at is bridging the geographic gap for older adults living apart from their families, and friends. Granted it doesn’t replace physical contact, but having videos, or pictures posted right away whether it’s a birth announcement, or a piano recital gets grandparents involved even when they can’t be there.