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Community Gardens Growing More Than Local Flavor

Spring is right around the corner, and newness is everywhere from the heavily budded trees to the first buttery yellow daffodils emerging from hibernation. As we’ve existed on hardy winter produce, most of us are anxiously anticipating the arrival of ruby red strawberries, tender lettuces, and sweet peas. Local farms will be gearing up for their community supported agriculture (CSA) season, with many retirement communities catching onto this idea by getting residents involved in growing gardens of their own. It’s no secret that the keys to longevity include fresh air and nutrient dense foods, but it’s also the camaraderie that makes the farm to table movement a great way to cultivate a close-knit community.

In Circleville, Ohio, the middle school turned apartment residence of Everts Hill, has brought community agriculture into its own backyard with a garden, and greenhouse that provides fresh, seasonal ingredients to its residents. Seniors will have access to the kitchen, and cafe that will serve as a catering business as well as give community members the chance for job opportunities.

Retirement Communities Give Back to Their Hometowns

Housing designed for baby boomers, and empty nesters takes the term “senior” out of the equation, focusing on promoting an active lifestyle, and offering amenity rich neighborhoods. While 55+ communities continue to enhance the lives of residents, they have an even greater impact on the surrounding city. Many don’t realize how valuable these communities are, and how they influence the social, and economic infrastructure of the town they’re established in. From supporting the local art scene to providing volunteer services, retirees aren’t the only ones benefiting from their communities.

State of the art healthcare facilities are important to seniors, and most active lifestyle communities are within close proximity to reputable hospitals, and medical centers. The upside to having top rated facilities nearby, is boosting the employment rate within a city, also providing job opportunities to baby boomers still in the workforce.

Ways to Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

While the lines at See’s Candy are wrapped around the block, and local florists are in a frenzy of ribbon, and rose petals, this very loving time of year could be spent giving back, and spending time with friends. You don’t have to be hitched to celebrate Valentine’s Day, in fact not being committed to a dinner reservation gives you the freedom to use your talents, and connect with those around you. Get creative this year with some heartfelt ways to show you care.

Start a Singles Group

Live in a 55+ neighborhood? With all the social clubs many offer, why not start a group for singles? It’s an amazing way to meet new people, and share exciting activities. Mix it up once and a while and get together for a dance class, wine tasting, or try a new restaurant. Even if sparks don’t fly, socializing with fellow singles is the perfect opportunity to make lifelong friends, and share something in common.

Don’t Let The Written Word Become a Lost Art

I was scheduling a follow up appointment for a distinguished older gentleman, and when I asked if he’d like me to write up a reminder card, he said no thanks i’ll put it in my phone. It’s strange to think that putting pen to paper, and composing a letter, or handwriting something on the calendar is considered the “old fashioned” way to communicate in an age where even seniors are going paperless. Remember learning cursive in school, and taking such care to dot your I’s and cross your T’s? The dawn of email, text messages, and voice dictation has almost made post it notes, and stationary a thing of the past.

As efficient as modern technology is to track everything from calories to Aunt Mabel’s birthday, the act of writing something down may allow you to better retain information than stellar keyboard skills according to a research article published by the Association For Psychological Science. A study performed on Princeton University students evaluated participants based on a group taking handwritten notes vs. the other using a laptop. They found the students who took their notes on paper demonstrated a better comprehension of the material despite taking down less information than their computer counterparts.

Are You Ready For Ski Season?

This winter you could do the stationary bike or treadmill thing, but if you’re lucky enough to find some snow this season, hitting the slopes is an exhilarating way to stay fit, and take advantage of the senior discounts offered by many ski resorts across the country. High altitude adventures aren’t just for kids, and boomers are tackling their Olympic freestyle dreams one mountain at a time.

Joint replacements, fear of falls? The ski loving resort town of Aspen, Colorado has taken their passion for winter recreation fifty, and beyond with their Bumps for Boomers program. Instructors know getting older doesn’t mean slowing down, and teaching active adults tips, and techniques to navigate moguls, and powder is their speciality in a learning environment designed exclusively with boomers in mind.

Tune to the Classics With Boomer Radio

The cover of the May 20, 1922 edition of the Saturday Evening Post featured a Norman Rockwell painting of an old couple listening in on their vintage radio. Those who grew up during the era of radio hour, can remember a time where the family gathered in the living room to tune into their favorite shows like Abbot & Costello, and Bob Hope. Classic radio programs are reminiscent of the good old days, and a nostalgic reminder of life before music videos, and DVR.
These days National Public Radio offers quality programming on a variety of topics, but baby boomers have access to something even more innovative. Boomer Public Radio founded by CEO, syndicated radio host, and renown writer Allan Holender has brought back what’s been missing from the air waves for years. Radio that brings back memories of lazy summer days, first dates, and the time you borrowed dad’s car to take a joyride.

Coloring Books Aren’t Just For Kids

Earlier this year I was perusing my local craft store feeling nostalgic as I looked at the rows of vibrant colored pencils, and crayons remembering how exciting it was to open a new box with a coloring book in hand. Then I spotted them. Coloring books for grown-ups? Not that I needed permission to go nuts perfecting my coloring skills, but somehow knowing they made these things for adults intrigued me. I suddenly found myself at the checkout with four books, a box of colored pencils, and some glitter markers may have landed in my basket because I couldn’t help myself. The combination of creating art whilst sipping a matcha latte was the very definition of bliss. Would I recommended it to reduce stress? Absolutely.

Seniors who spend time coloring with their grandchildren will not only make the kids think they’re the coolest grandparents ever, but they’re also beating depression, improving hand eye coordination, and boosting creativity. Neuroscientist Dr. Stan Rodski, has researched the stress reducing benefit of coloring for adults, with his own line of books that he says are designed to “help the brain switch gears” A study in which participants engaged in thirty minutes per day of coloring resulted in a 46% improvement in stress levels that Dr. Rodski found to be as therapeutic as mindful breathing techniques.

Christmas on the Mosel, Germany : Come and enjoy the Christmas Markets

Bernkastel-Kues Nov 19-Dec 21
Visitors come every season to see the amazing medieval Christmas Market in Bernkastel-Kues. The narrow little streets with quaint romantic houses make the perfect setting for a Christmas market.

On Saturday the 5th December 2016, a special Christmas Market highlight will take place, over 100 swimmers plunge into the freezing cold waters of the Moselle, each “armed” with a burning torch in their hand to begin their swim from Kues harbour across the Mosel to Bernkastel. They are followed by oarsmen which accompany the bishop of St. Nicolas standing beneath an illuminated wreath, on a large adorned boat.

Traben-Trarbach Weekends Nov 25-Jan 3
Each weekend from 25 November 2016 to 3 January 2017 the historic wine cellars in Traben-Trarbach will invite visitors on an underground wine trip. Artisans and vendors from the region will present high-quality seasonal decorations, culinary specialities, spa products and antiques.
Among the programme’s attractions are underwater wine-tasting sessions, and a “Classical Christmas” concert.

Stay with us in our newly renovated 1886 vintner’s house in the beautiful town of Urzig and be about 15 minutes drive between these markets. You can also enjoy the medicinal benefits of the thermal waters in Traben-Trarbach;¬¬ just 30 minutes drive takes you to the oldest City in Germany, Trier; a further 30 minutes takes you into the exciting City of Luxemburg.

 American/British owners we will take care of your stay in our home. If you would like details please email me.