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Giving Thanks By Giving Back

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.
-Mother Teresa

The best way to experience gratitude is to give the gift of gratitude. As we gather together with loved ones this season, why not lend a hand, and give someone else a reason to be thankful? Whether it’s a charitable donation, volunteer work, or just buying the car behind you a cup of coffee, there are big rewards in even the smallest deeds. While you plan your Thanksgiving feast with family, and friends, consider these ideas to brighten someone’s day or perhaps change their life.

Extend an invitation to your Thanksgiving table. If you know someone spending the holiday alone, or maybe a single parent with children, bake an extra pumpkin pie, and welcome them into your home. If you’re someone that normally spends the holidays solo, what better way to make new friends, and memories than to create a family atmosphere for your guest. Food is the common denominator for most of us, and is such an organic way to connect with others.

Ways to Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

While the lines at See’s Candy are wrapped around the block, and local florists are in a frenzy of ribbon, and rose petals, this very loving time of year could be spent giving back, and spending time with friends. You don’t have to be hitched to celebrate Valentine’s Day, in fact not being committed to a dinner reservation gives you the freedom to use your talents, and connect with those around you. Get creative this year with some heartfelt ways to show you care.

Start a Singles Group

Live in a 55+ neighborhood? With all the social clubs many offer, why not start a group for singles? It’s an amazing way to meet new people, and share exciting activities. Mix it up once and a while and get together for a dance class, wine tasting, or try a new restaurant. Even if sparks don’t fly, socializing with fellow singles is the perfect opportunity to make lifelong friends, and share something in common.

Make Time For You This Holiday Season

Lets face it, the holidays can feel a bit, or rather a lot like a rat race. Fighting crowds , attending parties, hosting family gatherings puts the pressure on, leaving us feeling tired, and anything but relaxed. As you spend this busy time of year giving of yourself, and spreading cheer, don’t forget the greatest gift you’ll give this season, is the gift of making time for you. Admittedly it can be hard to to spend time or money on ourselves, but self care helps us renew, and offer a fresh perspective. Most of you are probably asking yourselves where you’ll find the time to pause, but honestly just ten minutes in a day can make a world of difference.

Creating a morning ritual to meditate, enjoy a cup of coffee, or go for a walk is a way to gather your thoughts, and savor the tranquility before heading out for work, errands, or whatever the day has in store. If venturing out for a morning jog sounds less than appealing, try some gentle yoga stretches to warm the muscles, and feel more focused.

Get a Spicy Jumpstart On Flu Season

You may be able to skip the pharmacy counter, and find some pretty powerful cold, and flu remedies in your own spice cabinet. Medications have their place of course, but often the first line of defense is getting our immune systems up to par going the natural route. Most of us are familiar with good old vitamin C, but many cultures have turned to warming spices like turmeric, and ginger to feed colds, and starve fevers for hundreds of years. Added to smoothies, warmed dairy or non dairy milk or as a tea, experiencing the healing benefits of these spices is simple.

Turmeric with it’s deep golden hue is available as a whole root, or powdered. Known as the main spice in curry power, turmeric is a powerful antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory that many naturopathic practitioners prescribe in place of over the counter ibuprofen. Studies have shown that turmeric may also benefit arthritis sufferers, and slow Alzheimer’s disease by reducing oxidative damage to the brain. As with all spices, make sure you purchase it as fresh as possible.

Nothing is more cozy, and familiar than cinnamon. It’s a signature spice in baked goods, along with having anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. According to WebMD, the medicinal qualities of cinnamon include lowering blood sugar, and cholesterol. One popular remedy for colds, and sore throats is taking cinnamon with raw honey for an antibiotic effect.

Bring Global Flavors to Your Holiday Table

For most of us, fond holiday memories revolve around food. Familiar recipes we create again and again that take us back to our early days. With December finally upon us, there’s no denying that holiday magic is the air filling our homes, and hearts with childlike anticipation. What makes this time of year truly beautiful is how we converge on a global level, sharing traditions as old as time with our families, and friends. Embracing the many cultural celebrations taking place across all over the world not only bridges the gap in a diverse society, but helps us learn more about one another, and the culinary heirlooms that make the holidays so deliciously festive.

Why not take your own holiday table around the world this season? What an exciting way to experience new flavors, and perhaps create a new tradition of your own. Active adults living on their own or in a 55+ community may want to host their own global feast asking fellow residents to bring a dish that represents a different holiday. For an idea of what to serve, here are some cultural highlights that will delight the senses.

A True Rock n Roll Legend Performs

A True Rock n Roll Legend Performs at New Year’s Eve Party at The Candlelight Theatre, Wilmington DE

This New Year’s festivities feature The Drifters featuring Rick Sheppard. Their tunes, including the legendary ‘Under The Boardwalk’ are etched into our adolescent memories.

SPECIAL GUEST: CHI CHI DEVINE singing her hit song “Memory Lane” along with several others.

Rock n Roll entrepreneur Lois Parker is celebrating New Year’s once again at Candlelight. Her packed audiences over the years have rekindled partygoers’ love for ‘The Golden Oldies’.

This New Year’s festivities feature The Drifters featuring Rick Sheppard. Their tunes, including the legendary ‘Under The Boardwalk’ are etched into our adolescent memories. Who can forget ‘This Magic Moment’, ‘Up On The Roof’ and the consistent ladies choice at Aldersgate Canteen during the ’60’s, ‘Save The Last Dance For Me’. Aisle Say has seen Rick Sheppard perform. The man has charisma. Parker’s Luray Productions has staged rollicking and memorable Rock & Roll Legends shows at The Grand and other venues in New Castle County. Acts have included Bobby Rydell, Jay Siegal and The Tokens, Bobby Vinton, The Coasters, among tens of others.

She has brought in name acts to Candlelight for New Year’s Eve for the past 4 years. In addition to The Drifters, Rock & Roll legend Chi Chi Devine is a special guest and will sing her signature song ‘Memory Lane’
The $110.00/per person ticket includes Prime Rib Dinner buffet, open bar for wine and beer, dancing on Candlelight’s stage, hats and a Champagne Toast. The event always sells out. Dinner begins at 7:30.

Call Candlelight today at 302.475-2313 or

Giving Thanks Without Tipping the Scale

Thanksgiving is about celebrating the bountiful harvest, spending time with loved ones, and expressing gratitude. As we gather around the table with friends, and family, returning to the kitchen for seconds, thirds, or maybe even a midnight snack, here are a few tips to indulge, and savor the annual feast, yet feel energized enough to tackle Black Friday head on without the food coma.

Don’t miss breakfast. Not eating all day in anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner will not only cause your blood sugar to plummet, but letting yourself go into starvation mode will leave you eating an entire days worth of calories or more by the time you leave the buffet table. Allow yourself to enjoy your favorite foods, but keep your energy up by having a light breakfast of fruit, and protein, and perhaps a salad for lunch to keep your digestion, and energy operating at a steady hum.

Top Canadian Provinces for Expats

Fall is finally here, and that means Canadians are gearing up for their Thanksgiving holiday on October 10th. Our neighbors to the north are blessed with drop dead gorgeous scenery, and storybook destinations that make you want to buy all the cozy scarves, and pack your bags. Whether you’re considering becoming an expat, or you’re already lucky enough to call Canada home, these destinations are a must see for active adults who love the outdoors, and a culturally rich lifestyle.

Prince Edward Island
The backdrop to the beloved Anne of Green Gables stories, Prince Edward Island PEI, is Canada’s smallest province with postcard worthy views, exquisite beaches, and plenty of offerings for the 55+ outdoor enthusiast. Waving meadows, sea cliffs, and majestic lighthouses make for irresistible scenery, and high end eateries, and shopping are only a small part of the island’s charm. Walking, and bike trails are perfect for nature lovers, and locals say safety is one of Prince Edward Island’s strong suits.