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Why Podcasts Are the New Era of Radio

Now Streaming – Why Podcasts Are the New Era of Radio

The Norman Rockwell scene of a family gathering around to hear their favorite radio show was entertainment at it’s best. The Golden Age of Radio brought people together with popular shows like Abbott and Costello, and The Adventures of the Thin Man capturing their imaginations. Fast forward to today where 80 inch flat screens, smart phones, and tablets provide instant visual gratification, and a near sensory overload. For a modern alternative to the days of classic radio, podcasts have become an increasingly popular forum for providing inspiring, and educational information designed to be enjoyed on the go.

Podcasts can be streamed from your mobile device whether you’re in the car, walking the dog, at the gym, or doing chores around the house. An active alternative to being parked in front of a screen, Podcast subject matter is virtually infinite from the latest in gardening trends, to in depth health topics. In fact, the iTunes app-store currently offers more than 450,000 different podcasts, so pop in a pair of headphones on the treadmill, on a plane, or plug your phone in while driving to immerse yourself in an auditory experience anytime, anywhere.

Ithaca NY: Where Natural Beauty Meets High IQ

Have you ever visited those places that left you feeling alive, and inspired? Welcome to ivy leagues where great minds think alike, and natural beauty abounds. Ithaca is the city with a high GPA named one of the top entrepreneurial cities by and ranked one of the best college towns in the country. Home to Cornell University, and Ithaca College, this intellectual, and the business-minded city boasts rich culture and incredible outdoor scenery. Retirees, in particular, find Ithaca’s tax-friendly climate, ample amenities, and highly efficient public transit system to be the icing on this idyllic city.

If you don’t own a pair of hiking boots, it’s time to shop because nothing will prepare you for the utopia that leaves outdoor enthusiasts enamored. Home to four state parks, and iconic breathtaking gorges, Ithaca is the prima donna of upstate New York. More than 150 waterfalls cascade against a backdrop of densely forested preserves for some of the most magical hiking, and biking experiences in the country. From lake cruises, and boating, to picturesque fishing tours, Cayuga Lake provides a 38 mile stretch of peaceful waterfront recreation. The longest of the finger lakes, Cayuga features an 87-mile scenic byway where visitors can sample award-winning wines along the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, stop for a lakeside picnic, or paddle their way through its tranquil waters.

TruLiving Reinvents Wellness

When Pablo Picasso said, “youth has no age,” he had baby boomers in mind. This generation has proven that the secret to vitality is good health, and determination and while the majority of other 55+ communities offer the basic tools to live a healthy, and active lifestyle, Trumark companies are making it the focal point. Coming soon to Manteca, California, construction is currently underway for TruLiving, a one-of-a-kind 55+ community taking an entirely unique approach to wellness.

TruLiving will be the site of 490 single family homes, and the first to incorporate a WELL certified facility into its list of amenities. The 10,000 square foot clubhouse will include the seven fundamentals of the Well Building Standard; (air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind) to integrate both physical, and mental well being. WELL certified communities are designed to meet strict standards of air, and water quality, use green materials, and maximize energy efficiency. This community recognizes that there’s more to health than just diet, and exercise by creating a living environment that nurtures the body, and feeds the soul.

Boomers are a discerning group of wellness influencers who have created the gold standard for healthy living. From alternative medicine to eco-friendly homes, health is being approached from a holistic perspective. TruLiving will offer a multi faceted lifestyle with numerous amenities to stay active including exercise classes, bocce, and tennis courts, as well a swimming pool, and phone app that allows 55+ residents to schedule activities, and stay informed of upcoming community events. Social connectivity has been linked to longevity more-so than an apple a day, and this highly anticipated community will keep active adults endlessly engaged. TruLiving will feature everything from group activities to volunteer opportunities, along with mind enhancing classes.

The Bay Area is synonymous with wellness culture making it the ideal location for this innovative community. Located just over an hour from San Francisco, the growing city of Manteca is nestled in the Joaquin Valley between Modesto, and Stockton, and maintains its safe, small town integrity. Residents of TruLiving will have access to shopping, and dining, as well as having plenty of room for a bike ride, or enjoying a walk. Wellness doesn’t come in a bottle, and potential homebuyers will find this community has set some pretty high standards to ensure that in order for them to feel their best, they have to live their best.

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Find Your Happy Place In Naples Florida

According to last year’s Census, the number of sun-seeking Floridians over 65 made up 19.1% of the state’s population, and the numbers continue to be on the upswing. Tax-friendly, and health-minded, Florida’s coastal lifestyle attracts droves of baby boomers from snowbirds to empty nesters with one city, in particular, coming out on top in all its white sanded glory. Rated the number one city by the Gallup Well-Being index, and featured by Forbes, and Kiplinger as one of the best destinations to retire, Naples is as close to paradise as it gets.

Located 40 miles south of Fort Myers, this gulf town is one of the few places where balmy tropical breezes, flip-flops, and beach days are enjoyed even in the dead of winter. Retirees are not only attracted to the flawless aesthetic of Naples with its palm-lined streets, upscale plazas, and colorful Neapolitan architecture, but the lifestyle itself is one that promotes healthy living, rich culture, and a positive perspective. With a laid-back vibe, and clear aquamarine waves brushing up against the white sand, it’s easy to understand why they call it the Paradise Coast.

A Taste of the South at Falls Crest

What do baby boomers want more than a turnkey, move-in ready home? A builder that intuitively knows what they’re looking for, and adds the perfect finishing touch. The newly opened Del Webb community of Falls Crest is the southern belle of Kennesaw, Georgia where every day feels like a weekend, and luxury comes standard. 55+ buyers will find an inviting collection of three low maintenance home designs located just minutes from shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. The Atlanta suburb of Kennesaw is modern, and historic, and has seen an increasing number of out-of-state empty nesters, and retirees are drawn to its small-town appeal, low cost of living, and family-oriented atmosphere.

The community of Falls Crest offers a collection of beautiful ranch-style homes that are designed to bring family, and friends together, and provide a relaxing retreat to unwind. Each home features design elements unique to Del Webb including elegant built-ins, luxurious master suites, and outdoor living spaces. The three series collection includes Castle Rock, Abbeyville, and Martin Ray, that range in size from 1,755 to 1,961+ square feet depending on the model. Active adults can choose from a host of customization options to suit their lifestyle from spacious second floor lofts to sunrooms. Screened in porches for sipping sweet tea, and watching sunsets, charming cafe style dining areas, and fully equipped gourmet kitchens will have residents feeling inspired to pull up a seat at the breakfast bar.

Escape To The Sonoran Desert

Are you looking for the perfect springtime getaway? While boomers love their poolside margaritas, and spray tans, as much as the next vacationer, they also don’t want to be wading through dense crowds of college students to enjoy some much needed down time. Luckily, popular spring break destinations like South Beach, and Cancun aren’t the only places to thaw out, and leave winter behind. If more than 300 days of sun, exciting nightlife, and off-roading through sand dunes sounds like your idea of a good time, there’s no better place to shed your winter layers than in Yuma, Arizona.

When you’re looking forward to blue skies, and eternal warmth, Yuma is your golden ticket. This southwestern oasis is the land of endless sunshine, historic sites, and offers a multitude of outdoor activities you won’t need your snow boots to enjoy. Water recreation isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of visiting the desert, but with the mighty Colorado River flowing through the heart of the city, this geographically blessed part of the state is made to be explored one waterfront view at a time. The West Wetland offers the best riverbank seat in the house to relax with a fishing reel in hand, or witness wildlife in it’s natural habitat, but for something a little more adventurous, the river is the perfect setting for taking a day trip in a canoe, a kayak, or maybe a pair of waterskis.

Mozart Music

Classical Connection

Discovering the link between classical music, and improved productivity began my junior year in high school. I had a savvy biology teacher who knew that playing Beethoven to a classroom full of teenagers would have a positive effect on us whether we were taking a test, or dissecting a frog. To this day I have fond memories of that year, and nearly twenty years later she’s still teaching, and no doubt imparting her musical wisdom onto the next generation. It doesn’t take a scientist to tell us that music has remarkable effects on the brain, and why innovations like Baby Mozart are starting kids off from birth. Whether you’re listening to it at the office, or whilst cleaning the house, there’s a significant difference in overall mood, and project outcome when you’re working along to a cascading piano concerto versus a television infomercial blaring in the background.

What is it about classical music that has such a profound effect on how we perform? We use dance music to get us through a workout, and Bob Seger to fuel a road trip, but when it comes to getting some serious brain work done, nothing does it better than A Little Night Music. There’s an intellectual complexity about listening to the classics, which has been researched as the “Mozart Effect.” In a study published by the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University of California, one of three groups of college students was evaluated after listening to 10 minutes of Mozart, resulting in a higher IQ test score in comparison to the other two groups.

Boise, Idaho

The City on Everyone’s “Best Of” List – Boise, Idaho

Idaho’s capital city of Boise is like that overachiever you knew in high school blessed with effortless style, a perfect 4.0, and athletic prowess. Nicknamed the City of Trees, this effervescent town has been named one of the best cities in the country for education, healthy living, and rated the best retirement city by Time Magazine, and Forbes. While Boise is at the top of its class in virtually every category, it’s the city’s positive energy, and notoriously friendly population that retirees, and boomers find so magnetic. From Boise’s limitless outdoor playground, to its strong, thriving economy this is a dynamic city made for today’s ageless baby boomers.

Boise in an intellectual prodigy home to major companies including Micron Technology, and Boise Cascade, as well as institutions like Boise State University where the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute invites older adults to sharpen their pencils, and dive back into academia. From entrepreneurial ventures, to earning an advanced degree, Boise is a well educated, technology driven city geared towards business minded active adults whether they’re looking to launch an encore career, or learn a second language.