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3 Reasons Airbnb Has An Advantage

Booking travel accommodations via the internet is convenient, and easy, but depending on your destination it can be an expensive way to way to go. If you’re looking to stretch your travel dollars, and try something out of the ordinary, consider making reservations with the vacation rental brand that has taken the travel industry by a storm, Airbnb has introduced an ingenious alternative to pricey hotels, and bed and breakfasts, giving travelers a budget-friendly way to see the world. Developed in 2008, Airbnb is a growing online platform for hosts to rent out everything from studio apartments, to European castles. Currently available in over 190 countries, and across the U.S, this popular booking site is changing the way the world travels.

Enjoy a Home Away From Home

The caveat to staying in someone’s home is foregoing room service, but most would prefer to supply their own pillow mints, and towels in exchange for staying in some of the most desirable destinations in the world. Along with experiencing an authentic local immersion, another benefit to staying in an Airbnb is having a space that feels more like home. Depending on where you’re staying amenities may include a fully equipped kitchen, on site laundry facilities, and extra bedrooms to save on group travel.

Explore Out of Reach Places

Whether you’re traveling to a remote destination that may not offer overnight accommodations, or you’ve decided to retreat to the French Riviera where even a modest hotel room could really set you back, Airbnb opens up a world of possibilities allowing you to go virtually anywhere a property is available, and at a more reasonable rate. Also, the best tips on where to dine, or go sightseeing are usually from locals themselves, and you’ll often get great area recommendations from your Airbnb host as well.

Personalize Your Vacation

From log cabins, and private yachts, to grand estates, options for lodging range from the simplest rooms to the epitome of opulence. Whether it’s a luxurious houseboat in Key Largo, or a luxury penthouse in Manhattan, Airbnb takes the hotel chain out of the vacation, and lets travelers customize their experience. Airbnb gets you closer to your targeted location whether it’s in the heart of downtown or on the beach so as long as you’re ok with turning down your own bed, the advantages to choosing Airbnb over a five star resort may change how you plan your next holiday.