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About Us

ActiveAdultLiving.com was first launched by Stephan and Lisa LaCount (doing business as Dp Pedersen Enterprises, Inc.) in 1998. The site was conceived as a means of providing individuals, aged 55 and up, with information regarding age-restricted "active adult" communities. In its earliest stages, the directory contained just 200 community listings, but as the project grew, ActiveAdultLiving.com quickly became a premier source of information on adult living communities throughout the United States.

Over the years, the information that is available on the ActiveAdultLiving website has proven indispensable to a large number of independent seniors. This is information that has, in the past, been made available through a yearly subscription-based service. However, in 2005, Lisa made the decision to consolidate much of the site's information into a book (1,001 Active Lifestyle Communities.) Following the publication of her book, a decision was made to revamp and re-launch the website.

Today, all of the information on ActiveAdultLiving.com is made available to visitors completely free of charge. And although the site remains free, there is more information being offered through it than ever before. With listings for over 6,200 adult living communities, located throughout North America, ActiveAdultLiving remains the definitive source of information on age-restrictive living communities.

Founders, Stephen and Lisa, are industry experts, who are both knowledgeable and ambitious. They have promised their readers that ActiveAdultLiving will continue to grow, and that it will continue to contain the timeliest and most up-to-date information. So far, they have kept their word. In addition to maintaining ActiveAdultLiving.com, Stephen and Lisa also maintain the Active Living Newspaper, which is distributed through e-mail 22 times per year. This represents just one of the many projects managed by Dp Pedersen Enterprises, Inc.

ActiveAdultLiving.com now serves over 300,000 page views per month, with 3,000 unique visitors per day.