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Front Beach Retirement


Retire to MeXico!

Retire to Mexico - or perhaps a second home in Mexico!  Discover why THOUSANDS of Americans are choosing Mexico for retirement - or purchasing a second home there.  Beachfront living is still affordable, and life is good . . .

American developers are building active adult, 50+ or 55+ age restricted and active lifestyle golf communities in the most gorgeous parts of Mexico . . .

Map of Mexico
Since 1997, new Mexican beach resorts have been cropping up and attracting a flood of American expatriates to retire or purchase second homes in Mexico.

According to the the Dallas Morning News it was reported that more than 1 million Americans are now living in Mexico (some seasonally), five times more than 10 years ago. The U.S. State Department reported in October 2004 that almost half of these Americans are now living in Mexico year round - a number that has almost certainly increased dramatically since 2004.

Other than the fact that Mexico is foreign - yet familiar - Mexican beach resorts have a HUGE factor on their side - the weather (click for seasonal weather in any town in Mexico). Winters are warm and summer heat is tempered by the waters of the Pacific, the Sea of Cortez, or the Caribbean.

Even though property prices in Mexico are creeping up, the costs of homes are still low. In addition, there are low property taxes and you frankly get more home for your dollar!

Additionally the comforts which Americans enjoy are increasingly becoming available in Mexico. Satellite and cable TV bring news and entertainment to your armchair and the Internet keeps you in touch with your local news through on-line hometown newspapers.  American food brands are available at most supermarkets - there may even be a Wal-Mart or Costco not far away - and most Mexican people speak English.

With so many Americans migrating south of the border, American developers are building gorgeous resorts in response to this growing market demand.  After all Mexico has it all - waterfront properties, golf communities, active lifestyle communities, active adult and age restricted communities, oceanfront condominiums . . .

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