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Active Adult Living has been on the internet since 1998 - longer by far than any other web sites out there.  Active Adult Living has done the homework when it comes to 55+ age restricted active adult communities.  We feature active adult communities, 55+ communities, as well as age targeted communities, retirement villages, condominiums, urban living, to name a few.  Active Adult Living is easy to navigate for boomers, seniors and empty nesters to find their perfect home to buy or to rent.  We have THOUSANDS of active adult communities more

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Juicing is not just a trend!

Juicing is much more than a health craze.  It's a way of infusing the body with a wealth of nutrients without taking a handful of supplements. It is also an easy way to get our recommended  9 + servings each day which to be honest, can be difficult sometimes.  Fruits and vegetables are most beneficial in their raw living form because they retain the nutrition often lost during the cooking process.  The beauty of juicing especially for seniors is that the vitamins in fresh juices are easily absorbed into the bloodstream as opposed to pills which have to break down in the digestive tract before being more

Coping with Jet Lag

Traveling is rewarding, but we've all experienced the dreaded jet lag.  You've crossed time zones and suddenly your entire internal clock is off kilter. If traveling by plane, it's likely you haven't slept much if at all, not to mention your diet being sabotaged by airplane food. Whether coming or going, it can feel like you're in a haze and often the first inclination is to crawl under the covers to sleep it off.

Rick Steves host of the PBS series "Rick Steves Europe," once said that jet lag hated fresh air and exercise.  This couldn't be more true. It's advisable to more