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Five Tips for a Healthy Flight

Crowded airports, security checkpoints, cramped plane cabin, you know the drill.  For health conscious people this is a recipe for stress, and yes, germs. While a potentially mundane flight is inevitable, a few steps can be taken to be sure you arrive at your destination unscathed.

1.  Hydrate!  Changes in altitude combined with salty plane snacks will leave you feeling sluggish, and tired. Avoid sugary beverages, alcohol and caffeine as these will only cause you to become more dehydrated. While in the airport, bottled water can be purchased once you've gone past security or during your flight.
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Finding a Retirement Community

Retirement communities offer a wealth of amenities from affordable housing to state of the art healthcare.  They offer an all in one approach to fine dining, fitness, and endless recreational activities. It's important for seniors to do their homework to decide which type of community will best fit their lifestyle, and financial situation.  

With locations nationwide, retirees can choose anywhere from the Arizona desert, to the Florida coast.  Most people prefer to be close to loved ones which is something to consider when shopping for a community.

Compare membership fees such as more