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Weight Lifting for Seniors

Thought lifting weights was just for twenty somethings? Think again.  Strength, and resistance training is as beneficial at 75 and it was at 25.  Older adults who participate in muscle building exercises can rebuild lost muscle mass, and improve endurance.

Sarcopenia is the medical term for muscle loss that occurs as we age.  After age 30, muscle mass starts to break down, and is exacerbated by lack of physical activity.  Today's sedentary lifestyles in an age of drive thru restaurants, and the internet only increases the risk of degenerative diseases.

According to the Centers more

Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw unfiltered honey in all its golden glory is one of nature's most precious foods.  It's antibacterial, and beneficial enzyme properties have been recognized since biblical times as a medicinal elixir, and revered for it's beautiful sweet taste. You'll find it looks different from the usual store bought honey,  because it has not been heated through a pasteurization process. Sometimes it's solidified with a creamy opaque appearance, and can vary in color depending on the flower origin.

Raw honey contains bee propolis, which is the waxy substance produced to shield the hive from more