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Active Adult Living has been on the internet since 1998 - longer by far than any other web sites out there.  Active Adult Living has done the homework when it comes to 55+ age restricted active adult communities.  We feature active adult communities, 55+ communities, as well as age targeted communities, retirement villages, condominiums, urban living, and rentals .... Active Adult Living is easy to navigate for boomers, seniors and empty nesters to find their perfect home to buy or to rent.  We have THOUSANDS of active adult communities for more

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Is going vegetarian healthy?

Any vegan or vegetarian will tell you that the number one question they're asked is where they get their protein?  It's almost perplexing to some that getting adequate nutrition from a plant based diet is even possible! Well balanced meals that forego the meat are actually proven to provide the nutrients necessary for energy, and maintaining optimal health without the burden of cholesterol or saturated fats.

Meatless Monday has become quite a trend and a very healthy one at that!  Replacing one meat meal a week with a veggie based option can really cut back on the amount of saturated fat, and more

Smart snacking

We all need to snack throughout the day to keep our energy up, and avoid blood sugar imbalances. You can escape the temptation of potato chips, candy bars and other high fat sugary snacks by keeping an arsenal of healthy options on hand when you're out and about and need an energy boost.  Try some of these easy and portable ideas to stave off hunger and ensure snacking success!

Nuts are the perfect snack food as they contain protein as well as a good amount of healthy fat.  Opt for raw unsalted nuts to avoid added oils and sodium.  They are calorie dense, so limit your portion to about a quarter more