North Woods of Colchester announces award-winning year

North Woods of Colchester announces another award-winning year! The HOBI awards are the most prestigious awards presented in Connecticut for excellence in design, construction, sales and marketing and financing by members of the Home Builders Association of Connecticut- HBA of Connecticut INC. chosen from a field of entries from across the State.
North Woods of Colchester has been awarded three new awards for 2014:
• 2014 Best Detached 55+ Community
• 2014 Best 55+ Detached Home under 2,000 square feet
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Think you’re a mature-age student? Not compared to this guy… Kimani Maruge never had a birth certificate, but he was pretty sure he was born in 1920. In 2003 when the Kenyan government offered free elementary education to all its people, Maruge, at the ripe old age of 84, became the oldest person in the world to go to primary school. Always on time and always with his socks pulled up, Maruge studied alongside his own grandchildren and was made prefect of his class in 2005.
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Just like any other public environment, use of the internet requires caution and awareness. Just as you use home security to keep criminals out of your home, you need internet security to secure your internet usage. A lot of crimes today are facilitated through the internet so you need to be extra vigilant when browsing and especially if [unsolicited] you are asked for personal details.
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