Traditions of America Dominates National Best of 50+ Housing Awards

For the Third Year In a Row, Pennsylvania’s Traditions of America Dominates National Best of 50+ Housing Awards. Developer of Retirement Living Communities Takes Home 6 Gold, 1 Silver
Radnor, PA – January 23, 2015 –Traditions of America, a developer of retirement living communities, took home 6 Golds and 1 Silver for excellence in the most prestigious 50+ housing awards competition. Pennsylvania’s leading developer ( ) showed it leads the nation, as well, dominating the National Association of more

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Bring back the songs we grew up with!

Luray Productions is bringing back the songs we the Baby Boomers grew up with. Television was just coming out, no cell phones, no internet and all we had was our music. Each song had a special meaning to us and we had a memory attached to it... A boyfriend or girlfriend and each time we hear certain songs today, for a moment we step back into the 50s or 60s. With this in mind, Lois Lipton Parker started Luray Productions and brought the stars into Wilmington Delaware to sold out audiences and rave reviews.​
In the 1960s Lois went to the WAMS dances and became friendly with the DJs. When WAMS needed a Traffic Manager Lois was more

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil. The recent direction of fad diets has led us to believe that fats are bad for our bodies. We now know that this isn’t true – and there are a lot of studies backing it up. However, many people are still in doubt when advised to use fatty oils such as coconut oil to improve their health. I’m letting you in on a secret. Coconut oil is actually heart-healthy food that will keep your body operating smoothly in many different ways.
What are the health benefits of coconut oil? There have been a lot of studies showing the potency of taking coconut oil to combat many types of illnesses. Studies more