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Raising the Barre on Your Workout

I recently had the misfortune of throwing my back out, and by "out" I'm talking use of a wheelchair, a walker, my friends, and becoming one with a bottle of muscle relaxers. After an MRI revealed a disc herniation, I though I'd never get back in the fitness groove again. Ironically it was a badly performed yoga move that got me there in the first place! From there on out, no more half moon pose for me.

One tip I learned from my physical therapist was not moving is the worst thing for back pain. Our spines are designed for movement, and strengthening our core and back muscles helps to improve posture, more

Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green algae or cyanobacteria, that is one of nature top super-foods. You hear algae and imagine murky lakes, and floating anomalies, not a powerhouse supplement. The use of Spirulina for medicinal, and nutritional purposes has been around since the Aztecs began using it in the 14th century. Research has shown blue green algae to have a host of benefits that may have you adding this to your daily supplement regimen.

In an article written by the Journal of Nutraceuticals, a study done on individuals with non-insulin dependent diabetes who took spirulina for two months, showed reduced blood sugar levels more