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Active Adult Living has been on the internet since 1998 - longer by far than any other web sites out there.  Active Adult Living has done the homework when it comes to 55+ age restricted active adult communities.  We feature active adult communities, 55+ communities, as well as age targeted communities, retirement villages, condominiums, urban living, and rentals .... Active Adult Living is easy to navigate for boomers, seniors and empty nesters to find their perfect home to buy or to rent.  We have THOUSANDS of active adult communities for more

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Conquer your sweet tooth!

On average, Americans consume about 130 pounds of the sweet stuff each year.  Sugar is EVERYWHERE. Check any label at the grocery store and you'll find it in everything from ketchup to lunch meat. Sugar releases the feel good chemical dopamine into the brain, so it's no wonder in our high stress world that so many reach for sweet solace.  Did you know that research has likened the addiction to sugar to that of cocaine? I'm not saying quit sugar all together, but there is a way to free yourself from the "sugar trap."

Protein deficiency has been linked to increased sugar cravings. more

Getting fresh with herbs

It's easy to get stuck in a flavor rut when it comes to cooking with herbs.  You buy cilantro for taco night, and what doesn't get used sits in the fridge until it wilts.  Sound familiar?  Herbs add a fresh flavor to slow cooked dishes, and even cocktails.

Experiment with different herb/food pairings to discover your favorites! Here are some that I find most commonly available, and that are easy to mix and match.

Parsley isn't just for garnish.  It's peppery flavor is perfect in virtually any recipe, and adds a burst of freshness, and color. It's a great last more