Whimbrel Model at Independence Open House Party

Planning to retire at the beach? Independence, the premier Delaware active adult community, is your new neighborhood. Amenities include a 24,000 sq ft clubhouse with activities director, indoor & outdoor pools, tennis courts, walking trails, & more.Whimbrel Model Open House Party  It's been an exciting year since we opened the Whimbrel Model at Independence. Celebrate the model's 1st birthday and explore The Whimbrel, Schell Brothers' best selling floor plan for 2014.  Come experience all that Independence has to offer. During 2014 we welcomed 40 new homeowners to the community. With new homesites, ne...read more

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Fitness for Life

Our bodies are designed for movement.  Regular exercise can help alleviate joint pain and stiffness particularly with arthritis. It is important for heart health as well as reducing stress.

There is no one size fits all approach to exercise.  It is important to check with your doctor to know what is right for you. If you're just starting out, begin with something like a brisk walk around the block or a joint friendly pool workout and you'll notice a gradual increase in endurance.  Of course beginning an exercise program provides the perfect excuse to go shopping for fun workout gear!

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Home Swaps for Exciting Holidays

The cost of holiday accommodation today has risen up so fast that sometimes it is not ideal to book a hotel when having a vacation. In addition to that, most hotels today do not show their potential clients the extent of their offers and services. This leads to clients not knowing what they’re getting until they arrive at their holiday accommodation.Because of this, there is a recent surge in house swaps. House swaps mean that you are going to live in someone’s home for the time being (how long depends on the contract with the owner). For many people, this type of arrangement may seem weird. To be fair, living in someo...read more