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New enhanced community listings!  If you are in the early stages of research in FL, MA, NJ, PA, CA, MD, TX, AZ, CT, NC and WA and are not ready to be contacted by a salesperson we've done your homework - View community videos/galleries, see homes for sale (new or resale) and CONTACT THE COMMUNITY WHEN YOU ARE READY!  Active Adult Living has been on the internet since 1998 - longer by far than any other web sites out there.  Active Adult Living has more

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Adrenal Health

Our adrenals are the little triangular shaped glands above the kidneys responsible for giving us those bursts of energy, and provide the adrenaline needed to handle life's challenges. I like to think of them as my army backup when i'm dealing with a situation that requires to me to be energized, and on my game. If you've heard of a fight or flight response, that's your adrenals kicking into action releasing cortisol to cope with the task at hand. The problem lies in chronic stress causing adrenal fatigue.  It's like having your foot on the gas but the car isn't going anywhere.  People suffering more

Stocking Up for the Holidays!

It's officially twelve weeks until Christmas.. really it is.  If you've been inside Costco lately you can hardly squeeze past the wrapping paper, wreaths, and ornaments just to get to the checkout!  Along with festive decor as far as the eye can see, one is also faced with towering boxes of chocolates, cookies, and bags of sugar the size of a small child.  The goal of retailers keeping tempting treats smack in the middle of the store?  Getting you to sabotage your diet plans well in advance. Don't stress because during this Christmas countdown, i'm going to share tips for a healthy happy more